The stuggle to become important

4 Jan

Congress has been hijacked.  The way the system of power in Congress works is that a group of people have an idea of how to govern the form a party to support that idea then have people that want to serve run as Representatives or Senators try to bring their ideas to the floor of the House or Senate. 

If a party has becomes separated by two or more views which keep one part of the party from supporting the planks of the main party, the party splits and becomes another party.  All this activity gives the new party the growing pains it needs to become a strong political party.

The tea party (notice not capitalized) suffered not pain of growth.  It came into power without a support of the vote of people in a third party.  By simply attaching a point of view to the Republican Party it gained power without either the support of a separate party vote.  It didn’t enter the political seen on its own.  The Republican Party simply said this was a good idea, and so let us support them or we will lose our political advantage in Congress.

What has been lacking is the character which is fed by the struggle to get an idea across.  Our system of governing makes it hard to get a new idea embedded in our system of government.  There is a reason for that.  It is to keep us from changing course impulsively. 

Think about it.

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