Clarification Concerning My Blogging about Religion and Politics

1 Feb

That does not mean I don’t believe non-Christian don’t believe in God.  I do believe that non-Christians that Muslims and Jews believe in the same God that I believe created the heavens and the earth.  We Christian simply believe that Jesus was God in human form paving a way to heaven for those that believe can enter Heaven with all sins forgiven.  I love all Jews and Muslims that try to do well.  I should love all no matter what they have done, but I am human with human feelings just like Muslims and Jews.

I am afraid that too many of my fellow Christians, Muslims, and Jews have become more political than religious.  The reason God refers to us as His children is, because we act like children.  We all say one thing then another to suit our short term beliefs.  We either believe what we believe or not.  For instance I have no idea what a Judeo-Christian is.  We all have beliefs based on the teachings up to Abraham.  It is the same God.

Therefore when I speak about Christians believing in the Ten Commandments that statement is applicable to all of us.  We all justify murder, lie to each other, and make statements that God would never say to us or anyone else.  His path is simple.


I believe the reason there is a United States of America is because God has always given us a choice of whether to follow Him or not.  However, I believe that the Catholic Church was formed wrong by placing itself between the Christian and God.  I believe that the Jewish religion declined to accept that fact of Jesus as the son of God and rejected him.  I believe that the Arabic community was so much in disarray when Mohammed saw his vision that God wanted Mohammed to unify his people into a common order of faith.  I don’t believe He told Mohammed to start another religion but to recognize one God because at that time there were many worshiped by the people of the region.

When a talk about the Christian religion in the United States, I believe that God ordained the United States to become a nation under God.  However, in the United States we follow the same idea that God puts forth through the bible.  We must have the choice option to worship Him or our worship means nothing to Him.  We must choose to worship Him.  This is the reason our founders did not mandate only one way to worship whatever god someone my conger up. 

The founders, however, did not intend to let the religions of the non-Christian to influence the way we run our country.  Our Constitution, Amendments, and laws were intended to guide the way we lived.  I will be the first to say this has not been working quite as well as they had hoped.  Only God knew what we would have to face.  They did not have a clue.  He just gave us a basis to deal with whatever came.

God said I knew you before you were born.  I think our lives are simply to vet us to believe in God and Heaven, so our souls can get to heaven.  I don’t know where our souls were before they entered our bodies, but God put them there.  He didn’t put them there so we can hate each other.

I will talk about politics and religion because I can’t separate the two.  The government has to protect religious activity because that is clearly stated in the Constitution.  That isn’t just Christians.  It is also Jews, Muslims, Hindu, and other religions that are not trying to destroy the worship of God.  If there is a Satin worshiper, I believe he has not rights at all, not because they worship the devil.  It is because it is trying to destroy our Constitution.  That is the reason I said the Supreme Court, by taking prayer out of school and all public places, have interpreted the Constitution with a decision to destroy the Constitution.  Just doesn’t make common sense.

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