I’ll TAke My Bat and Go Home

17 Feb

I am so tired of watching people run this country that are not at all interested in communicating or negotiating.  People make statements that should not be even though let alone made.  I am a President Obama supporter, but when he said we are not a Christian Nation.  My thought was how can you swear to support and defend the Constitution when you don’t even talk like you have read it?  We are a Christian Nation tolerating other methods of worshiping God.  Mr. President, if you don’t believe that then you should resign.

As I have said before I am an Independent.  It is not because I don’t believe in paying your way or supporting the poor.  It is because I have read the Democratic philosophy and the Republican philosophy and have noticed that either party follows their own philosophy.  The Constitution is trampled by both parties and their philosophies (not the Constitution) is upheld by the Supreme Court.

I dealt with people just like the Republican and the Democrats when I was a kid.  These are the kids when we play football or baseball would say, “If you’re not going to play the way I want to play, I’m going to take my ball or bat and go home.”  The other kids would usually win by simply saying to the troublemaker, “we all have to play by the same rules

Our rule is the Constitution.  Even if you disagree with the Constitution the government electorates and employees have agreed to support it under oath.  Therefore, you don’t have an option to rule only your way.  Our Constitution says that you have to govern together.  It also says majority rule unless you want to change the rules. Then and only then does it take more.  If you can’t govern that way, give up your position. If you can’t communication your position to the representatives that disagree with you and negotiate a compromise for the benefit of all, leave your post and let us elect someone that can. 

Some said when the United States was created and the US Constitution was approved, “Now here is your nation if your can hold it.”  The had studied history up to that time and knew that monarchy, tyranny or a pure democracy would not work.  They realized that they could not dictate religion.  They did the best they could under the tutelage of God by using prayer.

I would suggest that all the representatives read the prophets of the Old Testament and see how easily God took away everything from the unbelievers and gave it back just as easily.  Read why he did this.  Mostly it was because of corruption in the church and in the government, but you read it for yourselves.

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