The Devil believes in God

22 Feb

Did you know that the Devil believes in God?  That is an interesting thought isn’t it? Believing in God is not the same as Worshiping and Trusting in God.  The Devil as near as I can tell, was there when the universe was created.  Yet he wants us to believe that he, the devil, is all powerful.  He probably is more powerful than man, but he is not more powerful than man with God.  The Devil certainly gets man’s attention, but he is not more powerful than our Sovereign Lord.

The Devil with his use of money and power here on earth entices us to follow the idles he places in front of us like money, power, prestige, and worldly pleasures to get us to follow him which is a way of forcing us to follow him.

The Lord God on the other hand simply says to us that He is God the Creator of heaven and earth, and asks us to accept Him at His word, live a productive life here on earth as he directs and live eternity with him.

If it be His will, I pray today that our nation accept Him, His teachings, and His grace which will lead us back to a relationship with Him that will allow Him to let us continue living free in this country.  Then we can spend eternity in heaven with Him. Amen

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