Are we learning what God is teaching

23 Feb

I’m really not an Old Testament buff.  To me the Old Testament is there to validate the New Testament for the ‘born again’ Christian.  However, I have been reading the prophets again.  I wanted to see why this loving God we serve go so upset with His chosen people.  Of course the first thing was Idolatry.  After that it seems it is just the way they lived.  They lived for me and my pleasures.  Other people were suffering, but that was just the way it is.  If I can win I will even if it is to the distress of the poor.  Justice is whatever works out to get others out of my mind or at least out of my site.


Sound familiar; well it should.  IT IS US.


We Christians complain about the criminals and the working and non-working poor, and say, “These people are trying to take advantage of us, so let us not worry about their wellbeing.”  Let us examine why they might be the way they are. 


What do they think about every day?  They think about survival, and the ones that are Christians wonder why they are having such a hard time in this free land the Lord gave us.  Most think they should follow the thinking of the church and the government.


First let us examine the Christian church.  Most of the churches in these United States have given the responsibility of seeing to the needs of the poor to the government.  The government accepted the responsibility.  Our government hasn’t protected the poor for a long time.  For instance as I point out in my book “God’s Agenda vs Man’s Agenda” “In 1909 the arrested workers of the New York Shirtwaist Strike of 1909 were told by a judge that they were on a strike against God.”  In this section of the book I point out several instances that shows they supposed leaders of the country didn’t care at all about the poor or oppressed.


The prophets talked about the fact that people were not paid a fair wage.  I would assume that means a wage they could at least survive economically.  I dare anyone that has lived on a wage of $15 an hour or less to attempt to try it on $7.25 an hour.  That is about $14,500 dollars per year.  If you look on this web site you will notice that this amount has never been a fair amount.  In 1955 the amount was $.75 per hour.  That would have been about $1,500 per year.  This is $30 a week or about $129.00 a month.  At that same time I earned more than that with part time work and was only a junior in high school.  At that same time men were earning $30 per week building homes outside the union.  At that same time workers in the unions and government employees were earning $80 per week. That ratio continues today.


Our all knowing government that represents all the people passes laws that allow those who have to exploit the have-nots.  They pass laws that oppress those that have resorted to criminal activity which further teaches them to survive no matter what happens to others.  At all points in our justice system, especially the Federal government, are always out to win regardless of the facts of the circumstances.  Judges mostly do what the District Attorneys request, and the accursed, in most cases, has to take pleas due to the cost of litigation.

According to the history of the relationship of God and man, we must take the responsibility of begin called Christian seriously and have the church take back the responsibility of distributing the gives to the common storehouse to the ones that need it.  Individually take back the responsibility of being children of God.

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