Gun and other such Laws

29 Mar

What happened with all the gun violence has never and will never be addressed by congress or the courts.  The problem with the violence is it is spurned on by the absence of God in our society.  There were machine guns operated by crazy people in the twenties.  People have been killing people indiscriminately for decades since pray was taken out of school when the church let that happen.


When you really think about it the general public wants congress to pass legislation that will micromanage morality.  In actuality congress can pass this legislation, but with the freedom we have it can never be enforced. 


The public cannot put the responsibility for morality off on the congress and courts.  They have no conscious.  They only know rules and negotiations.  The public must give an outcry to congress and the courts to re-establish God in our society, not by rules but by actions.  If we Christians (?) will begin to act like Christians, the people elected and appointed to positions of high office will be Christians.  If they are Christian, the laws and the rule of law will navigate back to a Christian nation being tolerant of other religions that worship God, instead of a nation that doesn’t care what anyone worships.


I support President Obama as president.  He is doing a good job, but I get cold chills every time I think about him saying, “We are no longer a Christian nation.”  This cannot be.   


The leaders of our churches, as a rule, do not take sides against both sides of the political spectrum.  Many say they are Christians and therefore Republicans.  That is nuts.  Christianity is not political, but the church is obligated to help protect its members, feed the poor, and come to the aid of those in need in whatever way they can while bringing them into the folds of Christianity.  This is the charge given the disciples before his crucifixion.


If we could take a minute to take stock of our own lives, we could see where we can improve.  I have done that, and discovered that I am a mess.  God loves me anyway, but he wants me to improve.  I’m trying.  I challenge you to also take stock and try.

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