I don’t want to live like that

9 Apr

I see people from other countries celebrating by firing weapons in the air like we see in the old cowboy movies.  I don’t want to live like that. 

I see county and states making laws that arm people that normally aren’t armed.  Teachers in school in one state, head of households in Georgia.  The people are necessarily trained to handle a gun, and more importantly they are not trained to aim a gun at another person and pull the trigger.  This is a whole different mindset.  I don’t want to live like that.


We are going backwards and not forward in God’s plan for the human race.  If we are not going to believe in peace on earth, then let us say so and get rid of all the laws.  In other words anyone can have a gun any time or do anything to anyone else just because we want to.  I don’t want to live like that.


If we want to have peace on earth, then we have to realize that the bad people and people who do not possess a good mind will find a way to do whatever they want.  The legal ramifications of a psychiatrist reporting someone because they think someone might do something unlawful and then convicting the target person by restricting their rights is nuts.  It just cannot happen in this free society.  The congresspersons know this, but will not say so because they think that we are not intelligent enough to understand it. 


There has never been a public debate along those lines that I have ever heard.  The congress just wants us to hear what they believe we can comprehend. We give people the opportunity to carry hand guns.  We cannot take that right away from the public.  However, we cannot allow people to have just anything that will fire.  A surface to air shoulder weapon just cannot be something we can tolerate.    


We need a general law that makes people and corporations responsible for what they do.  A person should not be able to do anything they want on a whim.  A corporation should not be able to do anything they want on a whim or even because it will make their stockholders more money.  Rather than regulating the size of gun or allowing a corporation to take our money or do harm to the public or put the public in harm’s way, we should be able to charge a person for putting someone in harm’s way by the way. They should be charged or maybe arrested like a person that yells fire in a crowded theater.  If a corporation does it, there should be a hearing and if charged immediately, their business halted until the harming situation is resolved with the court.


We cannot micromanage everything because there is no one in the United States smart enough to do it.  If an individual is arrested or put in jail as a result of his or her actions, at least they have to deal with the consequences.  A corporation should have similar consequences.  If a medical company does harm to the public, the president and the board of directors of the company should have to personally face the same consequences since the Supreme Court has indicated that a corporation is a person.


We simply cannot micromanage our society.  We can’t make decisions in general for all crimes against society.  Legislators like the Georgia legislators that pass a law that every household must have gun in the house must be declared unconstitutional because I have a right to go unarmed because the constitution says I have a right to the pursuit of happiness.  How can I be happy if everyone has a gun ready to use against me.


We are a free society, but have to maintain a responsible attitude to each other.  I want to live like that.

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