I eat sausage

15 Apr

I have seen Chinese and Mexican food prepared, and I have seen laws passed by the US Congress.  I love Chinese and Mexican food, but I can’t stand laws passed by the US Congress.  Those Chinese and Mexican chefs have to consider everything they do because the taste of their creation is immediately tested by the consumer. 


The US Congress should be more like those chefs.  Each side or even those in the middle of any issue only look at their side of the situation and ignore the other side of the issue.  Every issue has one or more sides.  The problem is that we have to take the ill designed often bitter pill and eat it whether it has considered the public’s best interest or not.


When I listen to politicians being interviewed on TV, they simply do not answer the question put to them by the questioner because they don’t want to expose the problem to the public.  The questioner cannot make them answer the question and mostly just goes to the next question or issue.


I remember reading a Michener novel; I believe the name of the book was “The Tell”.  In that novel which was explaining the information taken from a “dig” in Israel that one of the characters in the novel was Jewish and was on a counsel which met every year in Jerusalem to discuss the Jewish laws.  An example of such laws was given which reminds me of our Congress.  The subject was it right to throw the dishwater out on the Jewish sabot.  Evidently they had concluded that it was okay to wash the utensils but had to decide just on that point.    


There are things that just should not be in national law.  Some things must be decided by the inhabitants of the area affected by the local jurisdiction or maybe not at all.  If it is not okay to rob someone, but it is okay to take advantage of someone, what is the difference other than the micromanagement of the governing laws? 


In the Christian society we believe it is not okay to kill.  However, in the case of the unborn fetus the US Supreme Court, the court decided when life begins.  Now in this Christian society we have bowed to the Supreme Court as God instead of saying, “You don’t have that authority.” 


In a free society you have to have the right to succeed or to fail.  You have to have the right to make mistakes that does not affect anyone but you.  You do not have the right to think for me.  God knows everything.  If you do not believe that, then you are not a Christian.  With all He knows he gave us Ten Commandments to live by.  The founders of our country knew that.  They knew they could not control every aspect of our lives nor did they want to do so. 


Yes I have seen sausage made.  I eat it because it tastes good to me.


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