17 Apr

I am watching our esteemed congress at their very best.  Unfortunately their very best falls short of adequate. 


I really don’t know if the bill that was defeated in the Senate today is a good bill or not.  I do know that it didn’t pass.  The real tragedy is that the citizens of this great nation said to congress, “we have a problem with some people that can get and use guns that should not have them.”  Congress said, “We are not smart enough to fulfill your desire.”


This happens too often.  If they just can’t do the work, then tell us.  They said they could fulfill the needs of the citizens of the US when they ran for office.  Did they just lie, or did they just come to Congress to fulfill their own agenda?


This type of activity reminds me more of the ancient Roman Senate than the Senate of a Republic of the United States.  If you vote to send someone back to Congress because they can do something for you at the detriment of someone else, then you are clearly not part of the United States where I want to live.  If you actually look at the voting record of the congressional representatives, and do not consider that voting record when you vote, you might as well stay home.


I don’t know what the answer to the gun control bill should become to be.  However, I am very sure that one of the choices is not, NOTHING.

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