The Constitution is a byproduct of Christianity

28 Apr

I was never so disappointed in our President when he said that we were not a Christian Nation.  I was very disappointed when I realized that this statement too, was squashed mostly by the media.


Christians, mostly pacifists in nature worship at least once a week, pray for each other on an ongoing basis and relate the Word of God at least to each other on a daily basis.  They go to work every day and earn a living for their families and support the ministry that lives closest to their heart.  We are a SILENT Christian Society.


The Devil said, “Separation of church and state is what the Constitution says.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Nine of Satin’s justices sat on the Supreme Court and said this is what we believe, and it must be true if we believe it.  The question remains after over 60 years of this ridiculous statement; is getting God out of our everyday lives and thinking working better than being under God’s umbrella of love and protection?


Keep in mind that this problem didn’t start in 1960.  Satin had and has sleeper cells in our communities, states and national government both elected and unelected waiting on their call.  We, must, move from the point of being silent Christians to chime ringing Christians. 


Holding ourselves up to be a Christian is not a byproduct of the Constitution.  The Constitution is a byproduct of Christianity.  Now, as a nation, we followed God’s example He gave in the bible which allows us to make the choice either to become a Christian or not to become a Christian.  What our constitution says is that we (the citizens of the United States) will not make you become a Christian.


Anyone holding office in these United States in any capacity and especially the Supreme Court that does not believe that should not be reelected of if appointed should be disappointed by being impeached of simply put in another position of non-leadership.  Even a more important obstacle that must in all instances hold hard to our Christian beliefs and practices are the members of the Boards of Education.  While we have laws that countermand our beliefs these people must be strong devout Christians to fight the battle bring our public schools back under God’s control. I want to hear the bible read every morning in school along with a prayer to begin the day.  The people that don’t believe we should do that can go to hell, but they don’t need to take us with them.

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