5.2% of the voters control the US Congress plus the state legislators

2 May

The same people that supported President George W Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney during their terms a presidency, have evidently forgiven these two people from leading us through unwanted or needed wars which brought us to the economic crises, and are now blocking any effort President Obama contemplates to govern us back into some economic and physical health for the individuals and the nation.  These people have freedom of speech and should be able to say anything they want, however the ones that I am referring to are US Representatives and Senators. 


Senators and Representatives are put in Congress to carry out the wishes of the people that sent them.  Instead these people run on a platform of trying to get everyone to think like they do.  This is an impossible task for anyone.  Even Jesus said you cannot think like I do, but I will forgive you if you faultier.


Whose fault do we think this is?  In my opinion it is the fault of the 50% of the people that do not vote.  I cannot believe in a Christian nation that the majority have such hatred for any minority race.  I cannot believe that the majority of the nation that there is a cast system in the United States.  Please remember that if 50% of the people vote only 26% controls the vote.  20% of that 26% or 5.2% of the voting population is controlling their followers and your life.


Any politician or a major stock hold will tell you that if they can control 10% of the vote they can control any group.  20% of the people look into the subject in which they are interested and make decisions to support their agenda.  The rest of the people listen to the 20% without doing any research on their own.


Which category are you in.  Are you a leader or follower?  If not a follower, do you do your own research?   

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