A note on Benghazi

9 May

We have embassies around the world.  In some countries where there is a presence of religious factions that believe that violence is the answer to solving problem in the world, those embassies are in danger constantly.  This isn’t now and then, it is all the time.


In the case of Benghazi the State Department always refrains from calling the kettle black.  The fact is that if we had sent Arial support to the defense of our American Embassy in Benghazi the result would have been that according to the Libyan people it would have been an unprovoked attack on a simple demonstration. 


The State Department, as all departments in the US Government, always makes the same mistake.  They do not tell the citizens of this country the truth.  They seem to believe that we cannot handle the truth.  This puts us in further danger because we cannot properly vote for people that do not give us the truth, but we don’t know that unless we know what is happening. 


The fact is that no matter what the truth is in this case, we cannot win any argument.  It is good to hear what happened for the sake of future situations that might come up so let the hearings go on.  However, if there is an agenda in the hearing room that has nothing to do with finding out what happen so we can do better in the future, it is a useless process.


In absolutely every hearing that I have heard and seen on TV or radio, I have never seen questions that did not have an agenda from some of the Senators or Representatives of the House.  If we do not vote these people out of office we will never get our country back.

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