To the Congress of the United States

10 May

I am constantly hearing some of the members of Congress expound loudly with conviction in their voice that President Obama and others should be impeached from office.  The cause seems to be that they are incompetent and are not doing their job. 


If this is a case that should be considered let’s see what the merits are.  The President and others were involved in the process.  They made decisions they thought were correct at the time and stood by those decisions.  The question of making the right decisions or wrong decisions should never be in question.  The fact is that if they did the right or wrong decision, they did it based on the information they had to rely upon.


Further if doing their job the best they can is a reason for impeachment, then I submit that the majority of member of Congress should be impeached.  The members of Congress have not done their job or voted for any bill I am aware of in the last 30 years that had to do with the welfare of those that sent them to Congress.  It seems from the bills that have been passed that at least 90 percent of the bills that have been passed have to do with the lobbyist that give generous donations to the campaigns of those that support their cause.


I propose the following. Let us put together a hearing in the Senate that investigates each member of the House to see if they are doing their job competently and at the same time put together a hearing in the House to investigate each member of the Senate to determine if they are working competently.


Our Congress spends more time figuring out ways NOT to do their job than they spend doing their job.  Their job is to first and foremost obey and defend the Constitution.  Every time a Senator or Representative does anything in contradiction to the constitution he or she should be impeached.  For instance, if the budget isn’t passed every year the person or persons standing in the way should be impeached and if guilty removed from office with no benefits.  Every time a special interest lobby contributes to a campaign for re-election of a Senator or Representative, and that Senator or Representative votes for something not in the interest of the citizens such as; putting off legislation that would improve fuel mileage mandatory increases (which is possible now), delaying hydrocarbon emissions (which can be done now), cutting the budget of the FDA so that the food we eat in the United States is safe and labeled properly, delaying the infrastructure upkeep for the roads and bridges we travel every day, (one of my favorites) continuing to support the OIL and MEDICAL interest by voting restrictions then giving them an enormous amount of time to comply while continuing to give themselves pay raises; they should be impeached with all benefits being stripped from their package.


Jesus said, before you take the speck out of the eye of your neighbor; first remove the log from your own eye.


I am not saying to ignore transgressions against the citizens of the government of the United States.  What I am saying is that if you spend your time criticizing people in the government trying their best to do your job, you do not have time to do your job, which is why you were supposed to be elected.  If you try to justify your existence in Congress by pushing your personal agenda ahead of those that sent you, you’re a crook.  If you benefit yourselves instead of looking to the needs of the community that sent you, you are a crook.


Most of the people that sent you to Congress work every day at a job that only allows them to earn a meager income compared to yours.  You are now officially a slave of power and mammon.

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