Is it incompetence in government or simple ignorance in judgment

20 May

Is it incompetence in government or simple ignorance in judgment that allow the problems in Bengasi, the IRS scandal, Watergate and many other scandals we know about plus, I am sure, thousands of secret questionable situations we do not know about that is causing the problems?  I submit to you that it is neither incompetence or ignorance causing the problems.  It is secrets that cause of the problems.


There are three kinds of secretes in our government today.  The first one is declared secretes.  These are secretes supposedly and sometimes correctly declared for the benefit of the public.  That is someone decides the public should not have a need to know certain subjects of details because the subject matter might be leaked to our enemies and ultimately cause harm to our nation.  This is a legitimate secret, but is too often used to protect someone or something from harm due to mistakes in judgment or wasting money. 


The second is to protect people or procedures in our government that allow certain people to be protected from decisions they might have made or are aware of that were made which was not to the best interest of the public.


The third is the most dangerous of all.  When an employee is hired in any company or government they are given a lecture on ‘the chain of command’ and usually sign a contract agreement to follow ‘the chain of command’.  This is done so the management system works well and is very necessary to support productivity UNLESS someone is keeping a secret or just doing something blatantly wrong.  When what we call ‘a whistle blower’ comes forward and tells their immediate supervisor what is concerning them, and the supervisor says keep that under your hat.  The potential whistle blower then believes the agreement they have with the company or government agency prevents them from alerting people that might need to know that secret.


In my opinion the government, banks, and other corporations constantly have members sign documents that take away your right to be good citizens.  The court cases that confirm we cannot put something against the law in a contract and expect it to hold up, are always after the whistle blower has lost much personal wealth and stability in their lives.


Until there is a law that protects the employee from being asked to sign documents that do not conform to the law.  Lawyers get off scot free by presenting such documents to corporations as legal documents.  People cannot agree to agree later.  A person cannot agree to give up their right to speak on behalf of their own well being.  Nothing is forever and prices can’t change automatically without an index automatically.  The contracts just get worse and worse just like the laws passed by Congress just get more and more ridiculous. 


Where did we lose the value of honor which is written into the Constitution throughout this wonderful document?  We are supposed to have honor in the executive branch of our government.  We are supposed to have honor in the legislative branch of our government.  We are supposed to have honor in the judicial branch of our government


In our judicial department from the counties to the Supreme Court of these United States every judge has his or her own agenda as to what should be done.  There are interpretations that do not come close to following the intent of the first Congress.


As we watch the hearings on the IRS and Bengasi progress watch the agenda change from searching for the truth to partisanship. 

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