For whatever is wrong the responsibility is ours

23 May

The responsibility is ours not the people we elect and not the bureaucrats working for us in our government.


We go through life as though it was some magical experience.  The real terrorist in this country are those people that have the privilege of voting and don’t vote.  Many of the people that do not vote will say my vote doesn’t count when actually they mean that they are too lazy to keep up with current events and have no idea what is going on.


The people that have been elected to govern us clearly have not been doing their job.  It isn’t their fault that they get re-elected on the grounds that they will stand in the way of government progress.  That is the fault of the voters.  If we are so stupid to believe that we don’t deserve to know the real facts confronting Congress, we deserve what we get.  When Congress holds a hearing confronting any agency for not doing their job properly but could not answer the same questions about their own job, the responsibility is ours.


I watched the hearing wher Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS tax-exempt unit declined to answer questions.  I applaud her for doing so.  Any question she answered would have been wrong.  Once they find something to blame they will quit asking questions and go to the next reaction, but do nothing about the IRS problem. 


Clearly the IRS did something wrong that has come to the surface.  The questions, when they are answered, will stop there.  How many rights has the IRS stepped on for many other people?  I saw my father-in-law and my father (two separate cases) approached by IRS who simply said you owe us X dollars.  Prove you don’t.  Both were exonerated after spending many dollars defending themselves.  I had an IRS lien placed on me at one time that cut off any chance I had of raising money I badly needed.  A small lien tied up thousands of dollars in property value. 


IRS is a badly run department that has hurt many people.  As short term fix will do nothing to help that.  We have an opportunity to set some oversight, not just for the IRS, but for all the agencies.  This is badly needed.  The Congress members will tell you that we can’t afford to do that, but the reality is that we have to do that.  It should not cost us anything to do that.  Too much discretion is given to agencies which allow the wasting of much appropriated funds.  Making people accountable is what business does every day.


We need an oversight agency that is accountable to Congress only.  Within that agency there can be experts in every field needed.  Congress members are making decisions now that they are not capable of making.  They just don’t have the expertise.  Even if they did have the expertise who they have appointed in their staff it might be a relative or someone that helped them in their campaign. 


I know in my simple mind that I can’t have the answer to this dilemma, but there are people in the government that are much smarter that I am, but they need a direction to begin planning.


The present groups that want to have a constitutional convention mostly want a smaller government and not a larger government.  They most probably will never understand that an overview department will save money in the beginning then it should stabilize. 


I end with a question.  What is the definition of insanity?  Most will say it is doing something over and over again expecting a different outcome. 


Many things in the government have to change in order for the government we love to survive.  Let us control the changes without the changes ultimately controlling us.



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