I am a Christian but this nation is not a theocracy

16 Jun

I listen to the radio and TV news and pundit speeches and am amazed and astonished at the lack of response outlining the inadequacy of the Congress to adequately identify and address to any real solution that would help our country go forward.


One of the big things we have to address is the budget.  We steal from one collection method of taxation to solve the shortage in another.  We have intelligent people in Congress.  It is not a lack of intelligence, but a lack of willingness to do the right thing. 


It is true that the electorate is sent to Congress with clear objectives in the vote.  Now that is approximately 50% of our nation.  Even if the percentage was 100% the fact that for the most part the electorate doesn’t understand the problems enough to make the decision to strap a Congress person to a particular vote.  That would be a democracy.  We are not a democracy.  We are a republic.  That means we do recognize that we should limit the decisions to the wisest and smartest people in our nation. 


The Tea Party and some other components of our Congress believe the Christian values are more important than anything else, including the welfare of our citizens. While it is true that we should be guided by Christian values, it is not true that anyone has the authority given by our Constitution or our God to force anyone to accept them.  As a matter of fact criminal law is written for people that do not accept our values. 


The Tea Party has diverted the focus of the Congressional theme from solving problems and allowing the outside influences to guide the greed of K street under the cover of the noise made by the often misstatements of those Tea Party members.  


We hear in the news about some outrageous statement about something they said and nothing about the fact that;


  • no banker has gone to jail because of the trillions of dollars the American people lost through no fault of their own or the thousands of home lost because of their activity,


  • misappropriated funds for personal benefit the replaced it less the profit earned,


  • stopped loaning money to entrepreneurs to grow jobs against asset based collateral while creating situations using derivative collateral for themselves.   


  • While we need more people to come more educated, they allow companies to sell the education to people trying to improve themselves at exorbitant prices to allow these companies to make profit on the amount of the cost of education.  This is just not right.


I write about these things mostly pointing to the fact that we have people that a smart enough to solve these problems.  Unfortunately we don’t have people that are smart enough or maybe not informed enough to choose the right people to represent them.

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