24 Jun

I just wrote the Supreme Court a note that said they should thing more broadly when considering the decisions they hand down.  I was especially referring to abortion, ethnic problems such as Affirmative Action, and gay marriage.


For instance abortion is simply a matter of deciding when human life begins.  The court made a decision that life begins after the first trimester.  There was no way they could have possibly known when life begins.  At the time the decision was handed down there was not enough knowledge about pregnancy to determine when that is.  If the decision was handed down that said that abortions were illegal except in the defense of the life of the mother and left the determination of when that moment is to the scientific experts, an abortion would now be anytime after the fourth day the egg is impregnated by the sperm and the organizer shows up. 


However, because the Supreme Court determined that they are God, this decision stands to this day.  Should it take another case to revisit this travesty or could Congress make a law that says life begins when the AMA says it begins based on good solid Intel that could be revised further as me know more. 


In the case of Affirmative Action, again the Court handed down an absolute ruling that covered the minorities.  It was so ill-thought out that it has caused everyone that is in any way subject to any odd activity to be able to use this to challenge decisions.  Using the law to micromanage situations such as these is a message from the workers of these United States that we refuse to negotiate without government stepping in to take the load.  However there are many (I would say the majority) of those people with grievances not being serviced by these decisions.


The decision does not protect the majority.  As system that would protect the majority would be a group that would protect the whistle blower and the employees that are being treated badly.  The ACLU would be a good source, but they only want cases that promote their agenda that usually does not have anything to do with the protection of the subject.  The federal government cannot micromanage every citizen plus every company and every decisions maker inside those companies.


Laws passed by Congress and rulings handed down by the Supreme Court have in common the ambiguousness in laws and rulings that have to be interpreted by courts instead of the experts in the field ruled upon.


Another example is the gay marriage situation.  To say that  gay marriage is legal because gay is a sect is like saying that drug addicts should be able to take drugs with no consequence because they cannot help it, or a person should be able to smoke anywhere they want because they have a habit.  If a person is gay they are gay.  They should have equal rights under the law to protect each other from undue financial problems, but to say they need marriage to do these is nuts.


The gays have imposed their will on me and cheapened the sanctity of my marriage.  They have stepped on my religious rights by taking from my bible the word marriage and making is something that my God says is despicable.  They have just crossed the line of dictating to me that I have to abide the concept of gay marriage even though it is specifically not allow in my religion.


In these cases the state legislators have said to God we know better than you.  We will do what we want.  I would be afraid to say to God such a thing. 


The Declaration of the Constitution says that I am endowed with certain inalienable rights, which among them are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THESE LAWS AND RULINGS.

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