This is a sad day

26 Jun

1962 Supreme Court decision took prayer out of our schools. This action was brought about by someone that didn’t believe in God and wanted their child not to be exposed to such prayerful activity. The truth is that if they didn’t want to pray they didn’t have to do so. Also even if someone held a gun to their head, no one can make a student listen to what is being said. If that were a possibility I would favor teachers having guns just to get the students attention. I have said many times that if you don’t believe and don’t want to believe, I will pray for your, but what I do should not make any difference to the unbeliever.

I don’t remember the word prayer being given a legal definition. Everyone just assumed that we all knew what it was and it just didn’t need to have a definition. Prayer is a private conversation between one person and their God. If I am involved in a public prayer the person leading the prayer cannot pray in my place. They can pray for me, but that can’t pray in my place. I have to do that myself.

I don’t want to infringe on anyone else’s religion, so they should have the right to pray by themselves or not pray. However if they say that I can’t pray any time or anywhere I want, they are infringing my right to honor my God. In that situation the state is trying to force me to become non religious. Nowhere in the Constitution is the phrase ‘separation of church and state’. This is a phrase that is repeated by representatives of our government and the media constantly that simply does not exist.

Later the court decided that you could pray but not out loud. These actions were brought about by a suite from the right which was badly orchestrated and didn’t go far enough to correct the wrong done years before.

Religious symbols on public property was also a problem. We could not display a manger scene, but we could have the Ten Commandments on the Supreme Court Building. We have a chaplain in congress. This is another mixed signal that is sent down by the Supreme Court. In none of the cases above is the problem clearly identified before a solution is rendered.

In Roe vs Wade the court decided that they knew when life begins instead of leaving that definition to the expert scientists. The Court decided that didn’t begin until the second trimester. Another short sited decision.

Now the Court has legitimized Gay Marriage. Again they didn’t identify the definition of marriage. Marriage throughout time has been the union of a man and woman for the purpose of producing a child. All married couples didn’t produce children, but the equipment was there. Women produce eggs and men produce sperm. This is the natural way of things. The court did not define they thing they were trying to control. I am not saying that gay unions should not be legitimatized but not as marriage.

I have heard the argument that our values have changed. Our values haven’t changed. Values are what they have always been. We have just allowed the devil’s goals to replace our values. My Lord God can take this country away from us in an instant. Our values have to be His values, or there are not values.

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