Is the Far right – right

13 Jul

I am very concerned about the direction our conversations of government and religion are going.  I will concentrate on this for a time.  Many of my fellow citizens do not seem to follow closely enough the shallow interpretation of the ones with the loudest voices.  At this time the Tea Party says we should always follow the bible teachings in life and force government to place those interpretations on all citizens. 


If we look at the Middle East right now we will see that the approach of a Theocracy government will not work.  If we follow the line thinking presented to us by the Tea Party, we will eventually become governed by the religious right.  It hasn’t worked in the Middle East and it isn’t going to work here.


Jesus never said to anyone you must follow me.  If he has said that to the people that everyone would have followed him, it would not have meant anything to Him or them.  He said you must choose to follow me if you want to go to heaven, but there is not a mandate to go to heaven.  It is a choice.


Mohammad on the other hand conquered his way into power and forced people to live the way he purposed or die.


What we do have in the United States are laws, at least originally, that put forth the values of the Christian religion without the rule that we must submit ourselves to the Lord.  That is what our founding fathers saved us from.  We don’t have to serve the Lord, but we must follow His principles in our society.


There is no statement that says separation of church and state.  The church is all over our constitution with the exception that the state cannot declare that we have to follow one or the other religious paths to heaven.  That is left up to the individual.


Let us suppose that the Christian far right wins, and we become a Theocracy.  Let us also suppose that in the future the Muslim religion becomes dominant in Congress.  Let us then assume that the far right Muslim (Taliban) which would be like our Tea Party interact with our Congress the way the Tea Party is reacting now.  We would not get the reasonable activity of the Muslims in our government now.  It would be a nightmare as compared to the actions of the Tea Party’s escapades. 


This type of government could evolve into a police force enforcing the laws of the land and another police force enforcing the Muslim laws.  Several years ago I was with a Christian businessman in Casablanca, Morocco.  He pointed to the very large Mosque down town and said, “Even though I am a Christian I had to help pay for the building of that Mosque.”


Jesus said feed the poor, but at the same time said, through Paul, those that do not work should not eat.  There is always work that can be done, so work can be mandated unless the people are incapable of working because of physical ailments.  This does not mean children have to work.  They should be feed and schooled properly, learning about the responsibilities they will later face.  Children should not be denied exposure to shelter, food, clothing and education.  We have the money to do that either through the church, where it should be, or the government who was given that responsibility by the church who didn’t want it.


It’s not complicated.  It is simple.  We should use the KISS method of governing.  KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid


Simple – vote for those people that share your values.

Simple – Prioritize our federal budget to reflect the responsibility of the federal                                        government to the people.

Simple – Throw out those in government that are not doing their job.

Simple – We fire every Congressman every two years.  Think before you vote.

Simple – We fire every Senator every six years.  Think before you vote.

Simple – Love your neighbor

Simple – If you believe, Love your God

Simple – If you don’t have God in your life find him and read his word.    

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