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Imagine a world

27 Aug

Imagine a world where you spend a couple thousand dollars on your present automobile or truck and increase your fuel mileage as much as 100%.  That is without becoming a hybrid.  Using that type of technology to build a hybrid and the most efficient batteries would increase average fuel mileage for cars and trucks to a point that it would give us ample time to convert to renewable energy worldwide without further damage to the environment.


The car manufactures are ridiculously claiming that they are making good progress on fuel economy.  This is simply a lie of great proportions.  This technology has been offered to the three major US car manufacturers, and they did not even consider it.


You ask, “is this possible?”


I am reporting to you that this is not only possible; it is a fact now.


Imagine a world where we could order fish either at the market or off a menu that is free of decease but has no meds present in the fish when harvested and has no mercury or any other waste present at competitive prices.  Beef or Chicken without meds present and no growth hormones that corrupts our bodies.


I am report to you that this is not only possible, but the technology to do this is present now.


Imagine a world where the drinking of water can reach every cell of your body and could be a great in staving off cancer.


Imagine a world where you money could not be stolen from the bank.  Encryption to personal information you control could be safe from anyone.  Messages could be encrypted so they cannot be broken.


Imagine a world where solar energy would keep producing energy 24 hours a day utilizing one of the most common elements on earth.


Imagine a world that allows a property owner to get a low interest mortgage that paid the purchaser a rebate on his purchase that could help with their children’s education and retirement simply using the value of a dead asset, the home.


Imagine a world where you purchase a life insurance policy which protects you loved ones that you only pay three years premiums then it pays for itself and make a profit.


This RV blessing that is about to come to fruition could be the answer to our brothers and sisters that have not been able to involve themselves in this could benefit from our efforts if we take a different avenue that the present power broker that run this country.


I am only one consultant that observes these and many other opportunities coming across our desk every day.  Once one achieve’s a certain level of wealth it is then easy to earn profit.  However, when many people who have come into new wealth both profit and blessings described above are possible.


If a leader would come forth now has the trust by all became a leader in this venture we could not only change this country, but the world.


Will we have enough money to do this? 


The answer is no, but if we only took ten percent of the money we will get and apply it to a project that would support amplifying such technologies, we could change the way economics work in the US and maybe the world.


The growth will be supported as long as bank and other companies borrow money for growth and projects.


Will this idea work if it were a public company?  Again no is the answer.  Public corporations have a different idea of how business works.  A humanitarian prospectus for a public company is impossible, but it would be as hard as a camel going through the eye of a needle or (eye of the needle), depending on how you interpret the passage.     

voting regulations

21 Aug

It is unfortunate that the politicians and Judges in power don’t have the intelligence to assess the problems to make proper decisions concerning anything.  In this case I am referring to voting.

 At the present time we have the states making decisions on how to vote in federal elections.  Since all the total population is eligible to vote for all federal policy makers in the legislative branch of government and the president and vice president in the executive branch of government, I believe the federal government should have the right to adjust the voting rights for those elections.


If I am voting for President or Vice President, if anyone anywhere in the United States is disenfranchised from voting my vote is either enhanced or impaired which should not be the case ever.  My vote should be on an equal playing field with all the others voting for candidates for those offices.  If I am voting for a senator or representative to sit in the United States Congress,   if anyone anywhere in my state is disenfranchised from voting my vote is either enhanced or impaired which should not be the case ever. My vote should be on an equal playing field with all the others voting for candidates for those offices. 


In any other scenario of voter control only a few persons are manipulating the system to elect only those they want to be elected.  Therefore this ability of choosing representatives on a national level should be regulated by the Federal Government.  


The states then could set the regulations for state and local representation.  This however in many states would result in two elections and to sets of voting cards.  In many cases it would case two separate elections to be held.  This would be more expensive, but it would be the only thing that would come close to the intentions written in the Constitution. 


If my argument holds then the Federal Government in its elections should make the rules of election uniform throughout the United States so we don’t end up in a situation that allows the Supreme Court to elect the president. 


I checked into American Values First website because I was happy someone was thinking, at least I thought, outside the box to discover they were probably working the same way everyone else is working.  This description refers to individuals and organizations that simply have an idea and sell it.  They are afraid to allow people to give real input to address problems faced.


The present administration is doing the same thing.  They want change, but not from the ground up.  They solicit people that caused the problems to solve the problems without input from the people that are working within the conditions that resulted from the problems caused by the people in power that caused the problems.


I suggest someone read the definition of grass roots and instead of just saying grass roots, follow the definition principles.   

The Tea Party is officially a cult

9 Aug

I have been thinking about the Tea Party that has positioned itself within the Republican Party which is the more closely aligned group and easily manipulated.  I have determined that it is officially now a cult. 


A cult is a group that thinks about, talks about and takes on no projects or actions with the exception of those activities which promotes the goals of its members.  Cults have murdered people and/or just taken its members on a ride which has been unhealthy and sometimes dangerous for the community in which they reside or operate.  Normally we think that all the power of the cults is normally directed to the members within its influence, but just think how powerful a cult would be if it could affect change outside its influence.  A cult with power?  What a thought.


Normally we hear a spokesman from a cult and shake our head and wonder what happen in this person’s life to make them think like they do.  When we hear how the individuals inside the cult were manipulated, we feel sorry from those individuals.


Now think about what I have just written and think about the Tea Party.  Their spokesmen make outrageous statement on a constant basis.  We then think politically instead of logically how we could bring them into our fold of negotiations allowing us to get some work done.  Instead we should be thinking of them as a person in a cult that will not think any other way.  They are controlled by some entity, entities, or thoughts that will not allow them to move from their position.  They tell us it is the bible, but those of us who have read the bible know it is not.


Now let’s think about a cult with power.  John Banner is not in the Tea Party, I do not believe. However in his effort to accommodate all the members on the Republican side of the isle, He has caved in to begin pacifying the cult, Tea Party.  This caused things that have damaged the bills that have been passed, and kept bill that should have gone forward to be stopped in its tracks.  This power could keep its reign over Congress until Tea Party Justices could be placed on the Supreme Court. 


This cult could damage the presidency of Obama or even a conservative republican it he were elected.  I am an independent business consultant and former branch manager of a very large company plus many years of sales experience.  I have the ability to sell people things they don’t need, but that isn’t a salesman, that is a con artist.  However during my years of work, I study people, so that helped me write this note.  As a consultant, I am presented with problems.  My job then is not to find a way out of a difficult situation but to find the cause of the problem then find a way out. 


I believe I have found the infection in this government and it is the cult known as the Tea Party.  They will say it is the deficit or this or that.  Those problems can be worked out by normal thinking people.  A cult can never work out solutions.  If something isn’t done about this cult we will be in this fix for decades and maybe never return to normal. 


The solution is to ignore their rhetoric and just consider their goals as a negotiating point they should be considered, if reasonable.  They should be taken out of any powerful position on any committee.  Lastly their private goals should be exposed and they should not have a forum.  Most of the latter has been the fault of the media.  The media covers much of what they say because it is so ridiculous it makes good sound bites.  


If I had my way everyone would be forced to read and study the bible.  However that is not America.  My pray to my God is that we feed the poor, help those that want to change, and expose God and his principles to everyone that will listen.

What is the difference in fussing and arguing?

8 Aug

I am sure that many people don’t know, but he lawyers in congress should know.  They don’t practice what they know.  As with many of us it isn’t that we don’t know what to do; we don’t do what we know.


In the mid 1900’s when I was growing up I knew even then that the statement many fools even in my own family would say, “I don’t argue about the bible or politics.”  Even then I knew that was a stupid statement.  However, I had and still have many arguments about both, but I don’t fuss about either. 


To fuss means we say I’m right and you’re wrong.  An argument says that I believe something and this is why.  In other words we make a point using some degree of logic.  The fussing category is what we hear from Washington and many of my friends.  We need more arguments the campaigns.  We need arguments in Congress.


Constantly we have opinions instead of facts and conclusions, too many times, bases on the wishes of controllers.  If one cannot listen to an opposite view, take a position, and enter facts or suggestions that will bring that opposing view and his own view closer together; one should not be in Congress. 


In the history of democracy we learn that everyone cannot agree on anything no matter what the subject becomes to be.  Our republic has its drawbacks simply because of control of numbers.  If one owns ten percent of the stock of any company and has a reasonable influential position over another forty one percent, one has a better than even chance of controlling the chairman, several board member, and thus the policies and procedures of the company.  As a result the company’s goals become the goals of the one rather than the many.


This is the way of congress now.  The Tea Party fusses about nonsense in order to keep the rest of Congress from debating the issues.  The way this works is Congress over many years has taught the public to listen to phrases and other sound bites instead of doing some research themselves on the issues.  The Team Party uses this fact to keep up the rhetoric which seems to be strong enough to keep the more reasonable members of Congress from fearing the electorate. 


I wanted to find a group of people trying to fight the ridiculous methods and laws produced by Congress, but I find that they are using the same tactics of sound bites they are trying to fight.


I plead with the electorate first to grow your numbers and become involved in the process, but be careful.  Now the organization best to lead this revolution is the White House.  The problem there is that they use the same people who are causing the problems of our country as advisors.  They will not look for people that think outside the box. 


When I say think outside the box, I don’t mean people that have radical ideas.  There are no new ideas.  There are only idea expansions.


The people that run these United States made their money and/or gained their power within a system they refuse to change because it will hit their bottom line.  Of course their bottom line is so large that it doesn’t matter what they give up, so the threat then becomes losing power.


The electorate’s problem then becomes to be to elect and/or direct those in Congress to think of the electorate’s best interest then the interest of the country with emphasis on how the national laws passed effect their particular electorate’s interest and also protect the country’s power to keep the structure created by the founders safe from outside influence.