The Tea Party is officially a cult

9 Aug

I have been thinking about the Tea Party that has positioned itself within the Republican Party which is the more closely aligned group and easily manipulated.  I have determined that it is officially now a cult. 


A cult is a group that thinks about, talks about and takes on no projects or actions with the exception of those activities which promotes the goals of its members.  Cults have murdered people and/or just taken its members on a ride which has been unhealthy and sometimes dangerous for the community in which they reside or operate.  Normally we think that all the power of the cults is normally directed to the members within its influence, but just think how powerful a cult would be if it could affect change outside its influence.  A cult with power?  What a thought.


Normally we hear a spokesman from a cult and shake our head and wonder what happen in this person’s life to make them think like they do.  When we hear how the individuals inside the cult were manipulated, we feel sorry from those individuals.


Now think about what I have just written and think about the Tea Party.  Their spokesmen make outrageous statement on a constant basis.  We then think politically instead of logically how we could bring them into our fold of negotiations allowing us to get some work done.  Instead we should be thinking of them as a person in a cult that will not think any other way.  They are controlled by some entity, entities, or thoughts that will not allow them to move from their position.  They tell us it is the bible, but those of us who have read the bible know it is not.


Now let’s think about a cult with power.  John Banner is not in the Tea Party, I do not believe. However in his effort to accommodate all the members on the Republican side of the isle, He has caved in to begin pacifying the cult, Tea Party.  This caused things that have damaged the bills that have been passed, and kept bill that should have gone forward to be stopped in its tracks.  This power could keep its reign over Congress until Tea Party Justices could be placed on the Supreme Court. 


This cult could damage the presidency of Obama or even a conservative republican it he were elected.  I am an independent business consultant and former branch manager of a very large company plus many years of sales experience.  I have the ability to sell people things they don’t need, but that isn’t a salesman, that is a con artist.  However during my years of work, I study people, so that helped me write this note.  As a consultant, I am presented with problems.  My job then is not to find a way out of a difficult situation but to find the cause of the problem then find a way out. 


I believe I have found the infection in this government and it is the cult known as the Tea Party.  They will say it is the deficit or this or that.  Those problems can be worked out by normal thinking people.  A cult can never work out solutions.  If something isn’t done about this cult we will be in this fix for decades and maybe never return to normal. 


The solution is to ignore their rhetoric and just consider their goals as a negotiating point they should be considered, if reasonable.  They should be taken out of any powerful position on any committee.  Lastly their private goals should be exposed and they should not have a forum.  Most of the latter has been the fault of the media.  The media covers much of what they say because it is so ridiculous it makes good sound bites.  


If I had my way everyone would be forced to read and study the bible.  However that is not America.  My pray to my God is that we feed the poor, help those that want to change, and expose God and his principles to everyone that will listen.

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