Imagine a world

27 Aug

Imagine a world where you spend a couple thousand dollars on your present automobile or truck and increase your fuel mileage as much as 100%.  That is without becoming a hybrid.  Using that type of technology to build a hybrid and the most efficient batteries would increase average fuel mileage for cars and trucks to a point that it would give us ample time to convert to renewable energy worldwide without further damage to the environment.


The car manufactures are ridiculously claiming that they are making good progress on fuel economy.  This is simply a lie of great proportions.  This technology has been offered to the three major US car manufacturers, and they did not even consider it.


You ask, “is this possible?”


I am reporting to you that this is not only possible; it is a fact now.


Imagine a world where we could order fish either at the market or off a menu that is free of decease but has no meds present in the fish when harvested and has no mercury or any other waste present at competitive prices.  Beef or Chicken without meds present and no growth hormones that corrupts our bodies.


I am report to you that this is not only possible, but the technology to do this is present now.


Imagine a world where the drinking of water can reach every cell of your body and could be a great in staving off cancer.


Imagine a world where you money could not be stolen from the bank.  Encryption to personal information you control could be safe from anyone.  Messages could be encrypted so they cannot be broken.


Imagine a world where solar energy would keep producing energy 24 hours a day utilizing one of the most common elements on earth.


Imagine a world that allows a property owner to get a low interest mortgage that paid the purchaser a rebate on his purchase that could help with their children’s education and retirement simply using the value of a dead asset, the home.


Imagine a world where you purchase a life insurance policy which protects you loved ones that you only pay three years premiums then it pays for itself and make a profit.


This RV blessing that is about to come to fruition could be the answer to our brothers and sisters that have not been able to involve themselves in this could benefit from our efforts if we take a different avenue that the present power broker that run this country.


I am only one consultant that observes these and many other opportunities coming across our desk every day.  Once one achieve’s a certain level of wealth it is then easy to earn profit.  However, when many people who have come into new wealth both profit and blessings described above are possible.


If a leader would come forth now has the trust by all became a leader in this venture we could not only change this country, but the world.


Will we have enough money to do this? 


The answer is no, but if we only took ten percent of the money we will get and apply it to a project that would support amplifying such technologies, we could change the way economics work in the US and maybe the world.


The growth will be supported as long as bank and other companies borrow money for growth and projects.


Will this idea work if it were a public company?  Again no is the answer.  Public corporations have a different idea of how business works.  A humanitarian prospectus for a public company is impossible, but it would be as hard as a camel going through the eye of a needle or (eye of the needle), depending on how you interpret the passage.     

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