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Is it treason to plot to overthrow the Government of the United States?

7 Oct

When someone plots against the government of the United States, then carries out the plot; that is treason!  We find out who is plotting against the government, and as soon as the plot is discovered the culprits are arrested.  They are then tried for treason or sent to Guantanamo for interrogation.


This is correct and the way it should be.  We now have people who campaigned and were elected by their accomplices to congress with the promise to shut down the government and overthrow the present administration.  The larger majority elected the President for a second term because the accomplices of the traitors could not get a majority to agree with them.


We stand now with a partially shut down government with the possibility of going into financial default.


It is now time for the justice department of our government to step in and arrest those advocating the overthrow of our government, the ones that backed them in the election and is supporting them now, and if votes were not private, the accomplices that voted them into office.


Each one of those advocating all the above is also guilty of fraud.  They swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States after they swore to the people who elected them that they intended to shut down the government.