Is congress clever or dumb

8 Feb

I haven’t blogged for a while because things are so ridiculous now, it’s hard to know what to address. When I was a young man going to high school there were pointless jokes going around like; when I grow up what do you want to be? Answer, peanut butter. Humorous at the time, but there of course was not point.

I view congress like that now. However, it is not humorous. They constantly address deep issues while thinking only fingernail deep. They think that people won’t notice if they simply never have a serious conversation that lets us know that they actually understand the concept of the issue being addressed.

I think they have caucuses on issues off camera and when it is over, they have only had a feel good conversation that only results in talking points that have no real meaning. In those caucuses everyone gets to have an input, but no conclusion has been met. The only thing achieved are bullet points that they can repeat that basically says they are not going to do anything about anything unless it makes money for them or their campaign.

Remember the pointless joke.

Question; what do you think about immigration? Answer; we are not going to do anything the democrats or Obama wants to do.

Question; do we have an obligation to represent the people that voted for us?
Answer; No we have an obligation to represent the people that gave us the most money.

Question: should we raise the minimum wage? Answer: What have they done for us?

A child is asked to do something and it says no. The child is asked why. The answer is always because I don’t want to.

Congress’s version of, “I don’t want to.” is to make dumb statements that may or may not directly impact the problem.

We pay these people money and put them in charge of our country. Doesn’t that scare you? They smile and say I understand your pain, but do they?

Do any of them decide they will go to dinner then have to determine which restaurant they can afford?
Do any of them have to stop what they are doing and look for extra money because their child come home from school and want $35 for a field trip, or you have to buy or make cupcakes for the whole class.
Do they have to make a decision to have steak tonight and remember they have to buy gasoline for the car?

They not only don’t understand your, but they caused most of your pain.

Remember you voted for them or even sadder, you didn’t vote. Only about 50% of the citizens vote. Usually about 50 or 60% of those put the President of the United States and setting members of Congress in office which translates to 25 to 30% of the citizens of the United States determine who runs our country. This fact translates to those sitting in power, we don’t care. Therefore, why should they care?

The real unfortunate thing is that those that are reading this, if any, are members of my choir. We have to get this message out to the people that don’t care, or we will not have this God given union much longer.

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