Should we do away with the court system

24 Feb

I would love to take my children to the beach of Disney World in Florida, but it’s not happening.  I can’t support a state that makes is legal to kill someone just because you have decided that you are a threat.


We have laws in these United States in every state against murder, manslaughter, planning and threatening to kill someone, and other laws that protect us from being killed.  The stand your ground law presupposes that we have a right to kill someone if we perceive a bodily threat against us.  In other words the legislature of Florida has crossed the line from legislation against murder to the judicial side of law that bypasses the jury and in some cases the judge.


In other words if someone makes a decision that they are afraid for their life, whether or not the threat actually exists, they can take someone’s life.


In Texas the education system is changing history if they don’t agree with it.


In Colorado they legalized pot even though it goes against federal law.  I don’t disagree with the idea, but if the feds do not enforce the federal law there is a precedent that should not be.  We have enough of those.


I am a state’s rights guy.  I believe the only hope of our nations is state’s rights.  However, if the states and the federal legislature continue to write laws that try to micromanage the citizens of the United States we might as well throw the Constitution of the United States away. You cannot decide intent or action until you know the circumstances.  That is what courts are for.

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