It is time to fight injustice

28 Mar

Good morning, it is the 28th of March in the year of our Lord 2014. I decided and posted on Twitter that I was going to just try to work for the rest of my life trying to repair or at least bring to light the injustice constantly happening in these great United States of America. 


I hope to soon have the funds to begin to back my conviction which will allow me to hire a staff to help me accomplish my mission. 


I bought dinars and by God’s grace I will have more money than normal.  The thing about that is many people will have more money than they normally have.  If we could form a group where many people could contribute a small amount of their newly found wealth, we could form a corporation that would back such a venture.  If we could then find a CEO with his heart and head in the right place, this could be much better than just my opinions and actions.


My belief is that God personally engineered the formation of this country and, through a prayerful group of men, wrote the constitution.  He said through them that we could not sponsor any religion by the government.  It had to be the choice of the people.  That is the way the Christian religion is.  You have to choose to be a Christian.  He is there knocking, but you have to open the door.


I ask God to bless these United States and to keep them under his care by the choice of we the people.  One of the people in our situation formed this hash tag, #wearethepeople to emphasize his point. 

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