Controlling the power brokers

31 Mar

We began by encouraging people to vote in all elections paid for by our government.  This will solve a lot of problems with the leadership of our country.  We could then clean up the mudslinging in the election to require that in order to get the money every statement made by the candidates about their opponent have to be backed up by facts available immediately to the public within 24 hours of the statement.  If it is proven to be untrue the candidate forfeits the government’s support and must decline to campaign or accept the nomination of their party or office for which they have been elected. 


Campaign reform must be strict.  It can’t be sort of campaign reform.  It must mean something, and be enforceable. As a result we will save probably billions of dollars a year for waste spent by our government on projects that are, today, literally bought and bargained for by private enterprise who own our legislators.


There is a strong movement in the Republican Party to make it harder to vote in the United States.  Redistricting helps the Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Party candidates by picking out areas of the country or states that tend to vote for them, but the real danger is making it easy for a person to just say, “It is not worth it.  My vote doesn’t make a difference anyway.” 


The Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Party members are a small voting bloc of the United States.  Their membership in the legislative system of around 50% of the electorates is maintained because 50% of the nation either cannot vote for some reason or the other or feel their vote doesn’t count.


Every person in the United States that does not vote is voting for the minorities of the country.  By not voting they helped elect every good and bad president, governor, vice governor, congressman, senator, mayor, school board member, sheriff, and any other reprehensive of in the federal government and state and local government in these United States.


Some may feel that they don’t know enough about running the government to cast an intelligent vote.  My friends that is the reason we are not a democracy.  We are republic.  In a republic we elect people that have a better background or training to do the job.  A democracy like the Greeks formed hundreds of years ago didn’t work because everyone is not up to the task of making government decisions.  Unfortunately we have too many people in our present government who are not up to the task of making government decisions either.


These statements above bring us back to the point of campaign reform.  The people we put in office must not be candidates supported by special interest individuals, partnerships, or corporations protecting themselves by throwing money at the problems they face stopping legislative reform.  The Koch Brothers with their billions of dollars have bought many votes not because they want to help candidates individually, but because keeping representatives that support their cause in government makes the Koch brothers more billions of dollars.


I don’t want to pick on the Koch brothers.  I bring them up only because they are mentioned a lot in the media. There are thousands of individuals, partnerships, and corporations that are doing exactly the same thing.  This activity must to be stopped.  I don’t mean slowed down or controlled.  We must begin the think about this problem and stop it.


Are you willing to come on board and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem?  Simply registering to vote can be your answer.  You don’t have to know how to fix our government.  You just have to listen enough to the candidates to determine of the candidates running which one do you think can represent your best interest.


God Bless America


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