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Health Care Injustice

24 Apr

company carriers understand this and many have begun preventative measures to reduce the likely hood of insurance payoffs in the future. 


Again the Republicans don’t want to think about this now.  They would rather wait until they have to, or until they are out of office and collected all the money they want.  Unfortunately there are some democrats that feel the same way.


This Affordable Care Act is not a good bill.  President Obama did a very bad job negotiating a good bill and gave away some checks and balances that would have made it better.  However, it can be adjusted down the road.  The problem with that is that we have a reactive congress and it won’t get done until it is too late for the impending problem.  My hope is that this happens quickly because of the Supreme Court’s decisions leaning toward the corporate agendas.


I spoke with a couple earlier this month when I was taking my wife to the doctor’s office.  They were complaining about Obama Care.  When I asked them why, they would make the normal statements that you hear on TV.  With further conversation it was clear they didn’t understand both the details of the law or the reason for passing it.  They, like most intelligent people, just don’t think about health care all that much.  Their concentration was on the business they own and operate.


This is very complicated subject that I have only scratched the surface describing.


Again if you want injustice abolished, you must vote and encourage others to do so. 


There is one other thing you must do.  Stay informed of the problem.  We can’t with our vote solve the problem, but we can elect people that can.

Easter Blog 2014

20 Apr

Today I simply say Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me.”


So what about the other religions of the world?  They are false religions unless you want to count the devil as a god.


If I am the devil, I would want everyone to worship me, so what would I do? 


If there is a deity in my religion, I would try to make the religion as close as I can to Christianity with some exceptions;


First I would renounce the Christian God as not genuine even though my religion was organized 600 years after the Jewish religion transformed into the Christian with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. 


Second my religious book that controls my religion would be so obscure that different segments of my new religions could make rules as they went along to suit themselves or their own struggle for power.


Third I would recognize Jesus the Christ as a profit, so people would not say I was against Him.


Forth I would declare the Jewish and the Christian religious worshipers, infidels and spread distrust and hate throughout my religious worshiper toward the Jews and the Christian religion inside the religion while showing compassion and a spirit of working together in public society.


If I worshiped the same God, but did not recognize Jesus as the Christ I would take a little different approach;


First I would seek to establish the power I had over the worshipers that were still with me.


Second I would seek to have all the ones following me recognize the Old Testament as the law we will always have to use.


Third I would convince my worshipers that we cannot accept Jesus as the Christ.


Four I would convince the Christians that the Chosen people referred to in the Holy Bible are the Jews following the Jewish religious principles in the Old Testament.


Fifth I would try to enjoin in a coalition of other religions as being the group working together for the good of all.


I and many other Christians want to include all people in our journey to heaven.


God bless us all on this Easter.


17 Apr

In the justice system, we seem to have labels that are attached forever cause much hardship on the labeled person.  These labels follow the trend of the ridiculous prejudices that we have promoted by saying nothing.


There are people out in the communities that cannot be trusted.  That is the reason we put locks on our doors, but how do we treat the untrustworthy people.  All people sometimes get on drugs, lose their jobs, and take disparate action in hard times in order to merely achieve mere existence.  Those of us that encounter such desperation end up eventually paying a price such as going to jail.


Once you have been in jail, when you come out our justice system expects you to get a good job and reform.  This is easier said than done. 


A black or Hispanic child could grow up in a neighborhood where both parents or a single parent has to work and sacrifice precious hours or child rearing when they should be caring for the child empty.  This creates a void that the child fills with his or her own ideas or even worse the ideas fed to the child by neighborhood gang members or simple aimless direction.


They are then taught street survival which usually puts them on a watch list by the authorities.  The authorities never expect the child to do anything right, so eventually the child get picked up.  I am not saying that this doesn’t happen to the Caucasian children, but the percentages of arrests tend to put the non-white or even the poor white child at greater risk.  The poor white child has their own label.


This scenario has existed for quite some time now.  That is where the present gangs come from.  For whatever reason the child maybe did badly in school, or maybe they did do well, however, because of their ethnic background and the label given to them by society, they can’t find a good paying job, so they join a gang or commit a crime on their own.


Gangs are frightening whether they are any age group, black, white, Hispanic, or outside country dominated, but all people in those gangs are bad.  Our society has labeled the gangs and the people in the gangs, bad untrustworthy.  If they are untrustworthy it is because we made them that way.  This does not make them innocent, but if we do not change the way we label all people we will continue to make matters worse. 


If we continue to isolate the gang members and those who have served their time for crimes committed against society we will never have peace, because we are driving these people further and further away.


Should people in or out of gangs be punished for crimes? 

Injustice has two faces

15 Apr

When I was in the construction business years ago, we dug footings, for houses to be built, by hand.  Later when the footings and septic fields were dug by machine, the workers would go behind the machine and cleanly square up the rough ditch left by the machine.  Before the stakes were put in the footing to insure a level footing, and before the rock and tile was placed in the septic field; the workers would proudly come get me, if I was not already there, and have me inspect their work.  This was one of the most menial tasks our men would do, but it was part of the home building business and important to them and me that it was done well.


This pride in workmanship had several fascists.   One was that they had a job and wanted to keep it.  I paid wages not as high as they could make free lancing, but they never missed a day of work because of weather.  We kept enough houses in different stages that there was always something to do in any weather.  They got raises based on the work improvement and the economic (rate of growth) needs.


The second reason is we would not leave a job until it was good enough for us.  We considered that we were the professionals, and we did not want to “get away with something”, because of the ignorance of the home buyer.


The next reason was pride in our own work.  When a job was finished we always wanted to point to any job we did with pride in ourselves.


If we went to a local restaurant to eat whether it was a deli in the back of a grocery store, or the best restaurant in town they took pride in their food and service.


If someone did something substandard or morally wrong, you would often here the phrase, “that just aint right”.  I know the English is not wonderful, but it says a lot.  Most of us lived with a set of morals that seems to be missing in our society today.  Then It was the idea of fairness should simply be observed.  This is the way we dealt with each other back then. 


Now if we want justice in government, we have to regain the old profile of justice we enjoyed then.


That doesn’t mean there was not injustice in our world back then.  There was a reason unions were formed.  Big business got away with a lot back then, but there was less big business. 


Federal and state legislatures did pretty much want they wanted and pacified the voters with little gifts and jobs bills.  The professionals were all trying to get ahead through associations that lobbied for us in state and federal legislates.  The workers did it though negotiations.  They did make a difference.  We had the possibility of owning a home and retiring debt free at around 65.  Union workers retired sooner. 

We remembered our grandparents working until they were bedridden and then died with no chance to slow down and live peaceful life.

We put a lot of stock in the fact that someone was able to have a formal higher education.  We thought doctors, mayor, lawyers, and other educated people were wiser than we.  We evidently wrongfully thought that education breeds wisdom.  Whatever they did it was because we let them.  As time moved forward, they kept on seeing what they could get away with just as we kept on seeing what we could get away with.  The concept of fairness slowly faded away.  The wealthy continued to give us just enough to keep us happy while they kept most all of the growth created by the GDP in their personal accounts.


We sort of looked out after each other years ago, and as time passed that sort of became a myth.  We now don’t see our neighbor as a brother as we should.


I think while we do seem to try to perceive what is best for the nation, we tend to think that if we have a little more it is okay even if it takes from another brother.  I am a Christian and believe that this nation was formed on Christian principles.  God created this great land for us to live in together peacefully and to help the rest of the world because of the abundance He bestowed on us.  I believe the phrase “That just aint right”.  Came from the concept of the, “golden rule”.  I am talking about the one in the bible.  I am not talking about, “the one that have the gold makes the rules”.


Yes, there is too much injustice in this world, but there is a solution.


  1. Begin the concept of ‘the golden rule’ as we live.
  2. Use your own wisdom to determine who can govern us.
  3. Register to vote.
  4. Vote your convictions.


God gave us this country, and He can take it away.  It is our job to be good stewards of this earth we live in. 


If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that, why would you vote for that person? 

If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that people should be treated humanely, why would you vote for that person?

 If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that all people should be considered equally, why would you vote for that person?

 If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe in obvious right and wrong, why in the world would you vote for that person?


This is our country.  Let’s claim it back to #wethepeople.

Is it just too much trouble to vote?

11 Apr

The republicans in congress have gotten their way so long that they just believe that is the way it is.  Half of you are just sitting this voting dance out and hoping for the best.


Justice will never be served if we don’t at least register to vote.  It really isn’t hard.  Prove who you are and where you life.  Of course the republicans don’t want you to vote if you haven’t registered before, or if you are a democrat. 


If you are a democrat and live in their district they will just move the lines, so you vote in a district where you cannot possibly win.  That is easy because 50% of you don’t vote anyway and you let a minority run the country.


Good for you.  Now you get what you deserve;


Low wages,

Less unemployment,

Less or no food stamps,

No health care because you won’t sign up for it and many states ignore your needs,

It is harder to vote in many locations,

You are ruled by bullies!


I won’t go to Florida again until the Fire at Will condoning murder law is taken down.  They can just do without my money.


Potential voters, there are injustices being done every day and you are not voting.


Please help us.

What guidelines should congress follow?

4 Apr

I have noticed down through the years that congress is more reactionary than proactionary.   Proactionary isn’t a word, but it should be.  The majority of the people in this land are reactionary instead of proactionary.


To me, most people find a comfort zone to live their life without making too many waves, while proactionary people that control the lives of most people do whatever they want as long as they think no one will object loud enough to stop injustice that may be happening.


There are literally millions of corporations in the United States with the largest being mostly on the stock market.  These corporations are sanctioned by the government by giving them a license to operate.  These corporations feel no obligation to the government except to pay license, operation fees, and US, state and local taxes. 


These corporations feel no moral obligation to #wethepeople.  Monday and Tuesday the CEO of GM testified to the House and the Senate.  Again we see clearly that congress gives and order that might result in a minuscule tap on the wrist or fine that the corporation’s bean counters will tell them either to obey or pay the fine and continue to work as business as usual.


Today all the vehicle manufacturers affect several items in our environment that could potentially harm and/or even kill us.  In these hearings they are talking about safety issues that cause the deaths of a few people.  While tragic, the bigger issues such as pollution of the atmosphere, importing components from other countries that could be manufactured in the US, plus many other safety issues plaque our lives daily are not addressed.


This is just one group of manufacturers in the US.  Almost all of the corporations in the US should have an obligation to the public to protect the general welfare and happiness of the citizens that licensed them to do business.


If a corporation employs a bean counter to determine if the corporation should continue to follow the law or fight a law suit, it should be sited for conspiracy and immediately be subject to be shut down.


In 1958 I was driving a car that got 20 miles to the gallon of gasoline.  It was a 1957 Ford with a 272 cubic inch long stroke engine.  In know an inventor that developed an engine very similar to that to get 60 mpg with almost “0” pollution emissions.  When he took his idea to Ford, they said they only wanted a 10% mpg increase.  Do you think they might own oil stock?  This engine was taken to Chrysler and GM with the same general results.  Do you belief these corporation feel they have any obligations to the public that authorizes them to stay in business?  The problem still persists. The disparity in gas mileage clearly show that they companies have the answer, but will not use them.  A company should not be able to hold a patent that should obviously be used unless it is cost prohibitive.


Many of these companies pay almost no taxes percentage wise and sometimes low amounts, but I don’t blame them for that.  I blame congress.  If congress cared about your welfare they would not create conditions that would endanger your lives, keep people poor, and force corporations to pay at least their fair share of taxes.


It is true that corporations should answer to their stock holders, but not first.  Congress should require corporations to be obligated to make a profit for the stockholders, but never at the expense of the public. 


Congress should never have to react to something that should have been prohibited in the first place.  Laws can be structured in a manner that makes it clear that if you have to be called before congress because the corporation clearly did something to cause the public concern; they immediately should incur the expense of the hearing unless they are proven innocent.  They should then be fined according to finding sufficient to cause them pain.


The affordable care act was brought about by the medical community because they determined that they can charge anything they want at any time for almost any reason.  The way these medical institutions identify the illnesses and procedures on the invoices they give the patient and the insurance companies are so ambiguous and inconsistent, no one knows if they are correct or not, unless you have been given the system they use to determine the cause and treatment.


Again the medical community corporations work for their stockholders and disregard the needs of the public to a large degree. 


Every group of corporations has their own system of protecting their bottom line at the expense of the public welfare.  By only attacking the blatantly wrong aspects of the operations of corporations, congress only addresses those particular problems.  However, if congress would address the general situations instead of addressing the situation brought to them because someone had enough money to hire attorneys, many of the problems would have even have to come back to congress.  They would be short circuited in the courts, and I might add, much faster.


Congress cannot micromanage corporations by reacting to the problems caused by these corporations.  Congress must preempt these problems with general laws that make the corporations licensed by the people actually subservient to the people.


How do we do this? – Vote

Injustice – you voted for that

2 Apr

The Supreme Court of the United States screwed us again


By JOSH GERSTEIN and BYRON TAU | 4/2/14 10:27 AM EDT Updated: 4/2/14 2:12 PM EDT

The Supreme Court on Wednesday delivered another blow to already rickety limits on campaign contributions, ruling that caps on the total amount of money an individual can give to political campaigns, PACs and parties are unconstitutional.

In the 5-4 ruling, the court’s Republican-appointed justices joined in overturning the so-called aggregate limits on the grounds that they violated the First Amendment, while the Democratic appointees dissented — insisting that the caps were constitutional as a means to guard against corruption and circumvention of the still-valid limits on donations to individual campaigns and political committees.

The sweeping ruling has the potential to once again reshape the campaign finance landscape — bringing more campaign money back under the control of political parties after four years of record spending by outside groups.

It’s the latest in a series of federal court rulings — most notably 2010’s Citizens United decision — that are loosening up the rules on campaign contributions. Wednesday’s ruling does not, however, strike down the court’s landmark holding in 1976 Buckley v. Valeo that upheld most contribution limits to individual candidates and committees.

No opinion in the closely-watched McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission case won a majority, but five justices voted to strike down the aggregate limits.

Read more:

You eligible voters that did not vote for democratic presidents that could have appointed Democratic Supreme Court Justices allowed voting Republican presidents to appoint a Republican Supreme Court majority Supreme Court.


The Court has said that there is no difference between a corporation’s rights and people’s rights.  Now they have said, as stated above, that if you have enough money to buy an election, buy it.


We have foolish courts that hand down decisions based on something that frankly I don’t understand, and you know how foolish our congress is, and the president is not a wise leader.  This one isn’t and others haven’t been much better.


You take a person that looks pretty good, has a great personality, or for whatever reason is popular and say go represent us.  However, more often than not, they don’t understand the problem, so how should we expect them to present a solution.


If you asked a Senator or Congressperson to state the problems facing this country today, I believe the answer would surprise you.  Sense the legislators have been addressing symptoms of the problems facing this nation for so long, they would probably say the symptom is the problem.


Later I will spend a lot of time on the court system, but for now this is another challenge the court system has placed on our wellbeing.


Here is the ultimate situation that could occur.  The militia we hear about at some point in time will deliberately try to take over the present government.  The problem with that is that there will be no one to lead us if they succeed.  We don’t want that, and we don’t need that.  We need leadership now.


We may have time to put good leadership into place before that happens.  HOWEVER, GOOD LEADERSHIP WILL NEVER HAPPEN UNLESS WE ALL VOTE.