1 Apr

This is April the 1st and who are the fools.  Is it we who have apathetically allowed our congress to create tax conditions that would allow US producing companies to ship our jobs to foreign countries to produce products or services that we pay for with US dollars, or is it we voters and non voters that elect representatives that would do such a thing.


Is it congress that supported conditions that allowed banks to turn their backs on small business and make their profit in a way that actually interferes with the operations and profits of small business?


Large banks and large business have a relationship that seems to tell everyone that bigger is better.  Large banks and large business buy up their smaller competition not for the benefit of their depositors, but so they can do what they want to do without government or public interference.   


In 1890 The Sherman Antitrust Act was passed.  This was to keeping large companies from fixing prices.  Look at us now.  The banks keep expanding, but don’t give better service that the local community banks did when they started.  The banks make more money by trading out the back door and charging the customers fees to take care of the branches they must keep open.  Some of our largest corporations, including financial institutions, pay the lowest tax rates while being involved with trading and other financial practices that they would not support if we went to the bank and asked to borrow the money to do the very same thing.


Our media ownership is no longer diversified.  Only a few individuals, partnerships, or corporations control the media.  Cable companies work in such a way that they control competition from interfering with their pricing structure.  Now they are buying up each other and are monopolizing the field.  If they are going to monopolize the field they should be treated as a utility which would allow the government to limit their earnings.


Cell phone companies and services for those phones and other devices that comes over the internet are positioned that in the future we will have to depend on them and there will be no way to monitor the charges and profit, because they are being bought up by the giants of the industry.


Medical companies are being bought up by hospital giants to control this lucrative market.


There are chemicals and compounds put in our food both foreign and domestic that we didn’t ask for and are definitely not good for us.  We drink water that is insufficiently treated.  WE are told that so many parts per million in food and drink that would kill us if we consumed it directly is an acceptable risk. 


These things mentioned above must be regulated and inspected thoroughly on an ongoing basis.  Monopolies must be broken up.  We must be protected from consumer abuse and government abuse.  How do we do that?  Campaign reforms that elect people who will not let either corporation or government take advantage of the consumer. 


How do you fight injustice?  Vote (I might have said this before)

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