Injustice – you voted for that

2 Apr

The Supreme Court of the United States screwed us again


By JOSH GERSTEIN and BYRON TAU | 4/2/14 10:27 AM EDT Updated: 4/2/14 2:12 PM EDT

The Supreme Court on Wednesday delivered another blow to already rickety limits on campaign contributions, ruling that caps on the total amount of money an individual can give to political campaigns, PACs and parties are unconstitutional.

In the 5-4 ruling, the court’s Republican-appointed justices joined in overturning the so-called aggregate limits on the grounds that they violated the First Amendment, while the Democratic appointees dissented — insisting that the caps were constitutional as a means to guard against corruption and circumvention of the still-valid limits on donations to individual campaigns and political committees.

The sweeping ruling has the potential to once again reshape the campaign finance landscape — bringing more campaign money back under the control of political parties after four years of record spending by outside groups.

It’s the latest in a series of federal court rulings — most notably 2010’s Citizens United decision — that are loosening up the rules on campaign contributions. Wednesday’s ruling does not, however, strike down the court’s landmark holding in 1976 Buckley v. Valeo that upheld most contribution limits to individual candidates and committees.

No opinion in the closely-watched McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission case won a majority, but five justices voted to strike down the aggregate limits.

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You eligible voters that did not vote for democratic presidents that could have appointed Democratic Supreme Court Justices allowed voting Republican presidents to appoint a Republican Supreme Court majority Supreme Court.


The Court has said that there is no difference between a corporation’s rights and people’s rights.  Now they have said, as stated above, that if you have enough money to buy an election, buy it.


We have foolish courts that hand down decisions based on something that frankly I don’t understand, and you know how foolish our congress is, and the president is not a wise leader.  This one isn’t and others haven’t been much better.


You take a person that looks pretty good, has a great personality, or for whatever reason is popular and say go represent us.  However, more often than not, they don’t understand the problem, so how should we expect them to present a solution.


If you asked a Senator or Congressperson to state the problems facing this country today, I believe the answer would surprise you.  Sense the legislators have been addressing symptoms of the problems facing this nation for so long, they would probably say the symptom is the problem.


Later I will spend a lot of time on the court system, but for now this is another challenge the court system has placed on our wellbeing.


Here is the ultimate situation that could occur.  The militia we hear about at some point in time will deliberately try to take over the present government.  The problem with that is that there will be no one to lead us if they succeed.  We don’t want that, and we don’t need that.  We need leadership now.


We may have time to put good leadership into place before that happens.  HOWEVER, GOOD LEADERSHIP WILL NEVER HAPPEN UNLESS WE ALL VOTE.

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