What guidelines should congress follow?

4 Apr

I have noticed down through the years that congress is more reactionary than proactionary.   Proactionary isn’t a word, but it should be.  The majority of the people in this land are reactionary instead of proactionary.


To me, most people find a comfort zone to live their life without making too many waves, while proactionary people that control the lives of most people do whatever they want as long as they think no one will object loud enough to stop injustice that may be happening.


There are literally millions of corporations in the United States with the largest being mostly on the stock market.  These corporations are sanctioned by the government by giving them a license to operate.  These corporations feel no obligation to the government except to pay license, operation fees, and US, state and local taxes. 


These corporations feel no moral obligation to #wethepeople.  Monday and Tuesday the CEO of GM testified to the House and the Senate.  Again we see clearly that congress gives and order that might result in a minuscule tap on the wrist or fine that the corporation’s bean counters will tell them either to obey or pay the fine and continue to work as business as usual.


Today all the vehicle manufacturers affect several items in our environment that could potentially harm and/or even kill us.  In these hearings they are talking about safety issues that cause the deaths of a few people.  While tragic, the bigger issues such as pollution of the atmosphere, importing components from other countries that could be manufactured in the US, plus many other safety issues plaque our lives daily are not addressed.


This is just one group of manufacturers in the US.  Almost all of the corporations in the US should have an obligation to the public to protect the general welfare and happiness of the citizens that licensed them to do business.


If a corporation employs a bean counter to determine if the corporation should continue to follow the law or fight a law suit, it should be sited for conspiracy and immediately be subject to be shut down.


In 1958 I was driving a car that got 20 miles to the gallon of gasoline.  It was a 1957 Ford with a 272 cubic inch long stroke engine.  In know an inventor that developed an engine very similar to that to get 60 mpg with almost “0” pollution emissions.  When he took his idea to Ford, they said they only wanted a 10% mpg increase.  Do you think they might own oil stock?  This engine was taken to Chrysler and GM with the same general results.  Do you belief these corporation feel they have any obligations to the public that authorizes them to stay in business?  The problem still persists. The disparity in gas mileage clearly show that they companies have the answer, but will not use them.  A company should not be able to hold a patent that should obviously be used unless it is cost prohibitive.


Many of these companies pay almost no taxes percentage wise and sometimes low amounts, but I don’t blame them for that.  I blame congress.  If congress cared about your welfare they would not create conditions that would endanger your lives, keep people poor, and force corporations to pay at least their fair share of taxes.


It is true that corporations should answer to their stock holders, but not first.  Congress should require corporations to be obligated to make a profit for the stockholders, but never at the expense of the public. 


Congress should never have to react to something that should have been prohibited in the first place.  Laws can be structured in a manner that makes it clear that if you have to be called before congress because the corporation clearly did something to cause the public concern; they immediately should incur the expense of the hearing unless they are proven innocent.  They should then be fined according to finding sufficient to cause them pain.


The affordable care act was brought about by the medical community because they determined that they can charge anything they want at any time for almost any reason.  The way these medical institutions identify the illnesses and procedures on the invoices they give the patient and the insurance companies are so ambiguous and inconsistent, no one knows if they are correct or not, unless you have been given the system they use to determine the cause and treatment.


Again the medical community corporations work for their stockholders and disregard the needs of the public to a large degree. 


Every group of corporations has their own system of protecting their bottom line at the expense of the public welfare.  By only attacking the blatantly wrong aspects of the operations of corporations, congress only addresses those particular problems.  However, if congress would address the general situations instead of addressing the situation brought to them because someone had enough money to hire attorneys, many of the problems would have even have to come back to congress.  They would be short circuited in the courts, and I might add, much faster.


Congress cannot micromanage corporations by reacting to the problems caused by these corporations.  Congress must preempt these problems with general laws that make the corporations licensed by the people actually subservient to the people.


How do we do this? – Vote

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