Is it just too much trouble to vote?

11 Apr

The republicans in congress have gotten their way so long that they just believe that is the way it is.  Half of you are just sitting this voting dance out and hoping for the best.


Justice will never be served if we don’t at least register to vote.  It really isn’t hard.  Prove who you are and where you life.  Of course the republicans don’t want you to vote if you haven’t registered before, or if you are a democrat. 


If you are a democrat and live in their district they will just move the lines, so you vote in a district where you cannot possibly win.  That is easy because 50% of you don’t vote anyway and you let a minority run the country.


Good for you.  Now you get what you deserve;


Low wages,

Less unemployment,

Less or no food stamps,

No health care because you won’t sign up for it and many states ignore your needs,

It is harder to vote in many locations,

You are ruled by bullies!


I won’t go to Florida again until the Fire at Will condoning murder law is taken down.  They can just do without my money.


Potential voters, there are injustices being done every day and you are not voting.


Please help us.

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