Injustice has two faces

15 Apr

When I was in the construction business years ago, we dug footings, for houses to be built, by hand.  Later when the footings and septic fields were dug by machine, the workers would go behind the machine and cleanly square up the rough ditch left by the machine.  Before the stakes were put in the footing to insure a level footing, and before the rock and tile was placed in the septic field; the workers would proudly come get me, if I was not already there, and have me inspect their work.  This was one of the most menial tasks our men would do, but it was part of the home building business and important to them and me that it was done well.


This pride in workmanship had several fascists.   One was that they had a job and wanted to keep it.  I paid wages not as high as they could make free lancing, but they never missed a day of work because of weather.  We kept enough houses in different stages that there was always something to do in any weather.  They got raises based on the work improvement and the economic (rate of growth) needs.


The second reason is we would not leave a job until it was good enough for us.  We considered that we were the professionals, and we did not want to “get away with something”, because of the ignorance of the home buyer.


The next reason was pride in our own work.  When a job was finished we always wanted to point to any job we did with pride in ourselves.


If we went to a local restaurant to eat whether it was a deli in the back of a grocery store, or the best restaurant in town they took pride in their food and service.


If someone did something substandard or morally wrong, you would often here the phrase, “that just aint right”.  I know the English is not wonderful, but it says a lot.  Most of us lived with a set of morals that seems to be missing in our society today.  Then It was the idea of fairness should simply be observed.  This is the way we dealt with each other back then. 


Now if we want justice in government, we have to regain the old profile of justice we enjoyed then.


That doesn’t mean there was not injustice in our world back then.  There was a reason unions were formed.  Big business got away with a lot back then, but there was less big business. 


Federal and state legislatures did pretty much want they wanted and pacified the voters with little gifts and jobs bills.  The professionals were all trying to get ahead through associations that lobbied for us in state and federal legislates.  The workers did it though negotiations.  They did make a difference.  We had the possibility of owning a home and retiring debt free at around 65.  Union workers retired sooner. 

We remembered our grandparents working until they were bedridden and then died with no chance to slow down and live peaceful life.

We put a lot of stock in the fact that someone was able to have a formal higher education.  We thought doctors, mayor, lawyers, and other educated people were wiser than we.  We evidently wrongfully thought that education breeds wisdom.  Whatever they did it was because we let them.  As time moved forward, they kept on seeing what they could get away with just as we kept on seeing what we could get away with.  The concept of fairness slowly faded away.  The wealthy continued to give us just enough to keep us happy while they kept most all of the growth created by the GDP in their personal accounts.


We sort of looked out after each other years ago, and as time passed that sort of became a myth.  We now don’t see our neighbor as a brother as we should.


I think while we do seem to try to perceive what is best for the nation, we tend to think that if we have a little more it is okay even if it takes from another brother.  I am a Christian and believe that this nation was formed on Christian principles.  God created this great land for us to live in together peacefully and to help the rest of the world because of the abundance He bestowed on us.  I believe the phrase “That just aint right”.  Came from the concept of the, “golden rule”.  I am talking about the one in the bible.  I am not talking about, “the one that have the gold makes the rules”.


Yes, there is too much injustice in this world, but there is a solution.


  1. Begin the concept of ‘the golden rule’ as we live.
  2. Use your own wisdom to determine who can govern us.
  3. Register to vote.
  4. Vote your convictions.


God gave us this country, and He can take it away.  It is our job to be good stewards of this earth we live in. 


If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that, why would you vote for that person? 

If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that people should be treated humanely, why would you vote for that person?

 If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe that all people should be considered equally, why would you vote for that person?

 If the person wanting your vote doesn’t believe in obvious right and wrong, why in the world would you vote for that person?


This is our country.  Let’s claim it back to #wethepeople.

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