17 Apr

In the justice system, we seem to have labels that are attached forever cause much hardship on the labeled person.  These labels follow the trend of the ridiculous prejudices that we have promoted by saying nothing.


There are people out in the communities that cannot be trusted.  That is the reason we put locks on our doors, but how do we treat the untrustworthy people.  All people sometimes get on drugs, lose their jobs, and take disparate action in hard times in order to merely achieve mere existence.  Those of us that encounter such desperation end up eventually paying a price such as going to jail.


Once you have been in jail, when you come out our justice system expects you to get a good job and reform.  This is easier said than done. 


A black or Hispanic child could grow up in a neighborhood where both parents or a single parent has to work and sacrifice precious hours or child rearing when they should be caring for the child empty.  This creates a void that the child fills with his or her own ideas or even worse the ideas fed to the child by neighborhood gang members or simple aimless direction.


They are then taught street survival which usually puts them on a watch list by the authorities.  The authorities never expect the child to do anything right, so eventually the child get picked up.  I am not saying that this doesn’t happen to the Caucasian children, but the percentages of arrests tend to put the non-white or even the poor white child at greater risk.  The poor white child has their own label.


This scenario has existed for quite some time now.  That is where the present gangs come from.  For whatever reason the child maybe did badly in school, or maybe they did do well, however, because of their ethnic background and the label given to them by society, they can’t find a good paying job, so they join a gang or commit a crime on their own.


Gangs are frightening whether they are any age group, black, white, Hispanic, or outside country dominated, but all people in those gangs are bad.  Our society has labeled the gangs and the people in the gangs, bad untrustworthy.  If they are untrustworthy it is because we made them that way.  This does not make them innocent, but if we do not change the way we label all people we will continue to make matters worse. 


If we continue to isolate the gang members and those who have served their time for crimes committed against society we will never have peace, because we are driving these people further and further away.


Should people in or out of gangs be punished for crimes? 

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