Easter Blog 2014

20 Apr

Today I simply say Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me.”


So what about the other religions of the world?  They are false religions unless you want to count the devil as a god.


If I am the devil, I would want everyone to worship me, so what would I do? 


If there is a deity in my religion, I would try to make the religion as close as I can to Christianity with some exceptions;


First I would renounce the Christian God as not genuine even though my religion was organized 600 years after the Jewish religion transformed into the Christian with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. 


Second my religious book that controls my religion would be so obscure that different segments of my new religions could make rules as they went along to suit themselves or their own struggle for power.


Third I would recognize Jesus the Christ as a profit, so people would not say I was against Him.


Forth I would declare the Jewish and the Christian religious worshipers, infidels and spread distrust and hate throughout my religious worshiper toward the Jews and the Christian religion inside the religion while showing compassion and a spirit of working together in public society.


If I worshiped the same God, but did not recognize Jesus as the Christ I would take a little different approach;


First I would seek to establish the power I had over the worshipers that were still with me.


Second I would seek to have all the ones following me recognize the Old Testament as the law we will always have to use.


Third I would convince my worshipers that we cannot accept Jesus as the Christ.


Four I would convince the Christians that the Chosen people referred to in the Holy Bible are the Jews following the Jewish religious principles in the Old Testament.


Fifth I would try to enjoin in a coalition of other religions as being the group working together for the good of all.


I and many other Christians want to include all people in our journey to heaven.


God bless us all on this Easter.

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