Health Care Injustice

24 Apr

company carriers understand this and many have begun preventative measures to reduce the likely hood of insurance payoffs in the future. 


Again the Republicans don’t want to think about this now.  They would rather wait until they have to, or until they are out of office and collected all the money they want.  Unfortunately there are some democrats that feel the same way.


This Affordable Care Act is not a good bill.  President Obama did a very bad job negotiating a good bill and gave away some checks and balances that would have made it better.  However, it can be adjusted down the road.  The problem with that is that we have a reactive congress and it won’t get done until it is too late for the impending problem.  My hope is that this happens quickly because of the Supreme Court’s decisions leaning toward the corporate agendas.


I spoke with a couple earlier this month when I was taking my wife to the doctor’s office.  They were complaining about Obama Care.  When I asked them why, they would make the normal statements that you hear on TV.  With further conversation it was clear they didn’t understand both the details of the law or the reason for passing it.  They, like most intelligent people, just don’t think about health care all that much.  Their concentration was on the business they own and operate.


This is very complicated subject that I have only scratched the surface describing.


Again if you want injustice abolished, you must vote and encourage others to do so. 


There is one other thing you must do.  Stay informed of the problem.  We can’t with our vote solve the problem, but we can elect people that can.

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