How do we protect this couintry

5 May

God has been very generous to the people of the United States even though the founders decided to allow other religions to form in this great nation.  However, it seems to me that they were not addressing all other religions.  They were only referring to Christianity and the Jewish religion. 


In my opinion the founders should have been more specific when they decided that the US government would not establish a state religion.  It would have, in my opinion, been better to say that the government would not establish a certain method of worshiping God, the creator of heaven and earth.  Even though these men were clearly led by the influence of God in their life, they never imagined that people would opt for religions that abandoned the God that they loved enough to pattern this country after His teachings.


I believe what God was leading them to do was to take the earthly power influence out of the religious practices which had been the influenced by the Catholic Church and the Church of England.  Until Martin Luther and King James of England spoke out, the power was in the church and not in the Holy Spirit.  Many of the clergy were corrupt and cared little about the Christian people.


Winning this revolution had to be a slow process, because through the middle ages to the Martin Luther, the people were not just led but commanded how to worship by early religious power mongers. This was the reason, after all, that many people fled to the colonies in the first place.  Even in the early part of the development of religion in the colonies, the power mongers tried to reestablish the former power system they thought they should maintain just as they did in Europe.  After all this is what they knew.


They, as did the religious power structure before, did not understand where the power should be.  When Jesus died on the cross and arose from his tomb, he took all the power from the church, and said, “I am the way the truth and the life.  No one goes to the Father except through me.”  There is no doubt in the minds of the founders Jesus was the power.  After all there was a very heavy influence in that group of men.


The founders, however, seemed to tolerate the Jewish religion because it was the basis of the Christian religion.  This was a mistake.  It was not maybe a mistake, it was a mistake.  I do not doubt that the people practicing the Jewish religion believe in the same God we believe in, but this is not enough.  From their own religion it was prophesied to them that they would be a Savior born to a virgin.  While they believe in God they do not believe in the Word.  Unless one believes in the trinity you are not bound for heaven.  Throughout the Old Testament they Jewish people tried to live a good life many times and fail with every attempt.  God knew they could not achieve perfection necessary to be completely forgiven, so he predicted the birth or his Son in an earthly form to be the Savior.  He gave us salvation for the world and took our sins away. To solve this problem there is a simple solution.  The Jewish people simply need to believe in the Son as they do the Father.


I would like to believe that the Islamic religion is a similar problem, but it is not.  It is religion born of violence and in no way considers Jesus the Christ as the savior of the world.  While most Islamist believes they are worshiping God the Father, they reject Jesus as the Savior, but consider Him a profit.  If they believe He is a profit, then why do they not believe what he said?  These Islamist support the factions of their faith by not condemning them to the very highest degree possible.  By doing nothing they give support and credence to the groups that believe;


Kill all the Jews,

Kill all the Christians,

If we do this or that we will see virgins in heaven, and

We will keep the power of religion to ourselves and everyone else will comply.


Where is the love n that?


There are other religions that do not necessarily believe in a creator, but believe that all of this is an accidental creation.  Really! Over the millions of years during the creation of the world, God very carefully created a balance of nature that we ignore on a daily basis.  I said billions of years because I believe the first chapter in the bible covers 13.5 billion years. As I say in my book, “God’s Agenda vs Man’s Agenda”, my theory is that God created man somewhere between 160,000 years ago and told him the same thing he told Adam, but man was not true to God’s teachings and so God, about 5 or 6 thousand years ago, created Adam which who is the father of the race of people that would bring forth the Savior who was necessary for the salvation of man.


The worst religion is the worship of the devil in many forms.  This is the most dangerous because if they worship the devil, they should realize the only reason one would worship the devil is to become more powerful than God on this earth.  This is just dumb because if one believes this tripe, they acknowledge the fact of God.  


In the name God we should stop this freedom to worship anything you want to worship and amend the Constitution to read.  Matter what President Obama says, we are a Christian nation.  We were founded on Christian principles. We should acknowledge God as the creator of the world, as we did in the Declaration of Independence, but we neither should neither force our citizens to worship him nor should we be tell the citizens how to worship Father God.  However, we should not support or tolerate the worship of any other god as our foundation depends on the love taught by the one true God and His Son.


Our United States congress persons and Senators, our state congress persons and Senators, the lower court, regional courts, and the United States Supreme Court treat our Constitution of the United States as a meaningless piece of paper written for the benefit of the few.  In our Declaration of Independence the common man fought for justice, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, the right to worship God, the creator, and the right to not worship at all as he was convicted.


My great, great, great, great grandfather fought for these principles.  I am sure he would say that he didn’t fight for the mess we have now.  Many of us have forefathers that fought and maybe died for the values written in the Declaration of Independence which produced the United States Constitution.  The only way I can honor these fine brave men and women that supported them and sometimes fought with them is to help to bring the values they fought for back to fruition.


You might wonder why I brought my beliefs in religion into this commentary.  The reason is simple.  Most of our politicians say they believe in God.  However, it doesn’t matter what they say.  It matters what they do about their beliefs that demonstrates their faith.  We must bring God back into our government before He takes it ways from us.


If you agree with me vote.  If you disagree with me vote. 

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