12 May

I continue to be concerned about the possibility of this country’s survival and what caused our down fall. 


If 1% of the country controls 35% of the wealth of this country, does that suggest anything to you?


The 10% of the people that control 75% of the wealth of this country mostly control the people that are elected to the thousands of lawmaking positions in this country.  These lawmakers write and pass laws that further exacerbate the difference between the working poor to the nonworking the wealthy 10%.


This 10% seem to get voters to vote with them even though their best interest of the voter is not served.  This has resulted in the breakdown of the Christian values upon which this nation was built.


What gods do the 10% worship?


Is it money, is it power, is it pride, is it prestige, or is it the Lord God Almighty that created the heavens and the earth?


Which one of the gods above do you worship?


If you say you love your fellow man and don’t vote, you are not telling the truth.  The only way we can fight the power is to vote for people that are not looking for money, power, pride, or prestige.  Only people looking for justice can help this nation survive.


The only way the populous can address the problems of the nation is by voting for people who care.


An example of not protecting the people is the fact that people in legislature now and the people before them, back 50 years or more, would pass a law protecting the environment and then postpone, change or abandon the laws when it was time to implement. 


Years ago when we needed to help the people to observe the Sabbath, in many communities we had a law called the “blue law”.  This law would have never made it through the Supreme Court because it dictated Christian beliefs.  However it did show the desires of the communities. 


My grandfather sold his vegetables in Knoxville, Tennessee.  His farm was 30 plus miles from his farm to market.  It was over 60 miles round trip for a horse drawn wagon.  He would not leave his farm until 12:01 PM on Monday morning in order to not break the Sabbath. 


My grandmother’s father lived in same Tennessee community and served in the Union Army because of his beliefs.


When harvest time came in their community blacks would come to help.  When lunch time came, the black’s would start to open their lunch from home and my grandfather would say you have to eat with us here in the house.


My grandfather also owned a store in this community and during the depression he gave away a lot of food to the needy people in his community.  Like many store owners in that time and area he took IOUs for collateral which mostly were never paid.  Many store owners experienced similar experiences in this area known then as the Bible Belt. 


If a child was doing something he should not be doing, and any adult saw him or her, the adult called them down and the child usually obeyed.  The children were mischievous and would get away with whatever they could.  They were children.  There were bullies and roughens, but generally the people tried to be fair with each other.  There were no locks on the doors.  You might go up to someone home with them away.  A note would be on their door that said come in a sit we will be back to milk the cows.  Honesty was just expected. 


If someone needed help they would just help and be repaid when someday they also needed help.  The Golden Rule was real and something you just lived by.


My grandfather was a Justice of the Peace.  He knew who would vote for him and who would not, but he serviced the community for all.  He was a republican, but would not at all recognize the republican party of today.


I say all that to say this.  It is possible to live together in harmony as we did one before.  All the material wealth in the whole world is not worth your sole.  If you are not a Christian, look into it.  You might be amazed at the possibilities.  If you are a Christian I hope you understand that Christ died in order for your life to be better through grace.  God loves you and I love you.


I would love you more if you would just vote.

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