I believe there is a God. I also believe in God.

19 May

If I say this loud enough and often enough will it be true?  That really is the question isn’t it.


The people of this great nation, if asked, most would say they believe in God and Jesus.  To paraphrase the bible, the devil believes the same thing.


  1. If I mistreat the weak, but say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  2. If I do not pay my workers a fair wage, but say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  3. If I cheat my fellow man as I buy and sell commodities or my labor and say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  4. If I misuse the resources on earth given to us by God and say that I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?
  5. If I do anything that is unfair to others and say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?


  1. If I always do what is right and always treat everyone fairly and say I believe in God; does that make me a Christian?


From what most of us know, the answer to question number six would be yes.  Well it could be but not necessarily.  All people that profess to be Christians are not.  It is not what they desire to project, but it is a fact. 


When I was nine years old I was attending vacation bible school in a Baptist church in my home town.  It was the end of the bible school and the minister was addressing the children in the school.  He evidently asked for those who believed that Jesus the Christ came to the earth in human form, was crucified, died and resurrected to save us from our sins to raise their hands?  I remember thinking ‘what fool doesn’t believe that’.  I evidently raised my hand because one of the workers came to get me and said did your raise your hand? And I must have said yes, because the next thing I knew I reconfirmed my agreement with the minister’s statement and was scheduled to be baptized the next Sunday.


I did believe that Jesus came and died for our sins, but I didn’t understand it.  As I was walking home some of the children asked if I felt different?  I thought I was supposed to agree, so I said yes.  The next Sunday I was baptized and was a member of my church. 


From that time on I learned many verses of the bible and memorized the clichés I was supposed to learn and continued to go to church regularly until I entered the Navy.  During that time I witnessed to many people on the street and in revivals I attended in several different denominational churches in the area.


If you asked me when I trusted God to rule my life, it could have been before the day in vacation bible school or a long time after.  I always believed what my Sunday school teachers said that God created the universe.  I surmised that if God created the universe anything else had to be easy.  Intellectually that was a no brainer.  I didn’t realize until much later that God had a plan for my life and I had to live for him.  The more I believed that I was supposed to be living for him, but more challenges I faced.  It didn’t make sense for me to now believe he had a purpose for my life, but was continuing to let bad things happen. 


The more I studied the word the more I began to understand that He was building my faith because of what I was to do.  It had nothing to do with what I had done.  May be this message would inspire someone more qualified than me to understand what they should do instead of me a seventy four year old man doing something that makes a difference.  However it is what it is.  I can’t control that.  I can’t even understand it.


May God will bless the reader of this message and help them to understand their purpose in their time on earth.  It is a short life at best, but we need guidance.  My suggestion is to pray to God to see if you are on the path, He wants you to follow and get in the word and ascertain His answer.


If you can’t intellectually agree that God created the Universe, I suggest you order form Amazon or some book seller my book, “God’s Agenda vs Man’s Agenda”.

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