Faith in God and Country

22 May

In 1776 we declared war with England by writing and passing the Declaration of Independence with the signatures of the representatives in the First Continental Congress.  Friends, this is faith.  This country was built on faith just like Christianity was built on faith.  When the Declaration of Independence was signed the United States had nothing but land owners and the money they personally owned.  Some citizens didn’t want to separate and were English sympathizers who gave no support.  The common man and other patrons that supported our declaration with their lives eventually won our freedom.


A few years later we started the expansion of our country by developing more states and with the Louisiana Purchase which we signed in 1803 followed by the fulfillment the terms of the agreement.  What kept us going was debt and growth. 


Individually we buy cars and houses mostly on credit depending on the growth which allows us to keep up the payments we agreed to pay.


We start business because we have to have faith that the people will use our products or services to support our investment and cost of doing business.


We created the National Guard (our organized well regulated militia) and expanded our military with the assurance the growth of the nation would continue to support it.


When President Eisenhower pushed through the interstate highway system, it was done because he and congress had faith in the growth of the nation to build it and take care of it.  They had so much faith that they unlocked the social security lock box to begin the program.


We bought national parks and staffed them for the amusement, conservation, and education possibilities. 


We built large and small learning institutions which had to be supported by the states and tuition. 


We as tax payers have to support the above items and even more such as the agriculture support and inspections we need because of the chemicals they put in our food and inspect imported foods.


The question is who pays the taxes.  Actually commerce should pay all the taxes.  It is commerce that gets all the benefit by employing a work force and selling their products and services to the public, but about 100 years ago we determined that all should pay something by classifying a specific tax on income.  Since then many taxes have been added which were supposed to have specific targets to support, but everything is in the general fund.  Management???


The question is what is fair.  Previously commerce paid most of the taxes and paid the workers almost nothing.  Now the workers pay some taxes, but still are paid very little for their services, but this is only part of the problem.  We have people in this country that cannot support themselves and their families.


Businesses, especially big businesses, have capital reserve accounts that are simply invested for various reasons which is necessary to keep their businesses adequately financed for future growth.  However, many businesses and wealth entities invest large sums of money, either their own or contributions to contracts being held for payment for the benefit of those from whom they are receiving those dollars i.e. insurance policies, stock accounts, bank account, and etcetera, for the benefit of the institution. The large sums of money we refer to are not invested as a joint venture with the specific investor.  These funds are invested for the sole benefit of the institution.  The idea is these companies are taking the risk.  However, they are usually taking very little or no risk at all.  The are paying us 1% or even 6% to hold our money and with the consent of the government agencies earn 30, 40, or even 50% conservatively for their own benefit.


These institutions rent your money to lend or invest.  Whether they lend the money against an asset or invest your money directly they still increase their own investment possibilities.  My point is that when they invest money simply to gain a profit with no risk. They should either pay more for the money they are renting or pay a higher income tax percentage.


Money is invested in stock and the buying and selling of various other financial paper.  The tax paid on money earned should reflect the risk taken to earn that money.  Employees are taking a risk that they are working, at the pleasure of their employer, who could not run their company without the employee is a high risk, ergo high risk – low taxes.  Individuals, partnerships or corporations in business making profit selling their products and services are also taking a risk.  On that portion of their income they should enjoy lower taxes but not a low as the employees because of the extra tax benefits they receive just for being in business.  Individuals, partnerships or corporations making profit neither selling a product or service or individuals, partnerships or corporations making additional profit outside of their normal necessary business structure should have to pay a much higher percentage tax on the profits derived on that type of investing. 


If I make a profit on the stock market trades the taxes on that should be higher that the employee tax of the business taxes earned by selling a product or service.  While stock trading, with computer help, and the investments of buying and selling any paper the investor is making money on trading money. There is no real benefit for the country with these types of investments.  This money is leveraged usually from the money you own placed with financial corporations. The risk is your, but they get the profit.  Additionally when trading enormous amounts of money the computer digital trading is not really a gamble.  The losers are usually the small trader who cannot leverage themselves out of trouble and have to sell at a loose.


If those financial institutions use your money to trade and only earn 6 to 10 percent compounded monthly the investment will at least double in a calendar year.  The profits can actually be much higher.  The institutions are only allowed to invest a portion of your money, but even at that the return is tremendous.  Therefore the taxes should be a high percentage, or you should be able to share in the profits, or both.


The inequity here is the system.  We have created a very large country that needs money to run it.  We are not in a row boat.  We have created a very large ocean liner, and we have we have people guiding it that don’t know where we have been, how we got here, or where we should be going.


We are led by leaders that want to slow down the growth of the country.  Every time that happens, we lose momentum.  We have to support the mechanism we have created.  Without that support we lose growth.  When we lose growth we lose jobs and etcetera.


The libertarians and the republicans seem not to want to support the necessary expenses it takes to run this country.  The democrats are not much better.  They want to collect more but they also spend more.  None of the legislators seem to understand that, while they are slow to make decisions, people are financially hurting because they don’t have the extra funds to get through these tough times.  Stopping unemployment payments and food stamp payment which was ultimately caused by their negligence is no way to run the government. 


We have to pay taxes no matter where the money comes from if we want to continue to enjoy freedom as we know it. 


Jesus told a parable about the businessman who left three men in charge of his money while he was gone on other business.  The first two men earned some profit while he was gone.  But the third man buried his money and didn’t earn any profit or take any risk.  This was the only man that made the businessman angry. 


We have all these resources here in these United States that we are supposed to care for.  If you don’t think God gave this nation to us, I will pray for you.  If you do think God gave this nation to us, let’s take care of it.


If you are a legislator you know what to do.  If you are a citizen, vote.

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