The System

23 May

If we find the very best men that can do most anything such as become a general and lead men for many years, it would be safe to assume his organizational skills and leadership skills are very adequate.  In the service the rule is get the job done within the rules approved by the commander and chief, congress and the UCMJ.  In the service there is no room for failure.  Simply get the job done is always the goal.

If we put this same general in charge of the Veterans Affairs and tell him that he should get the job done but with restraints place by congress such as limited budgets and dealing with a bureaucracy in place.  This bureaucracy must believe they have accomplished their goals if they meet their number requirement instead of recognizing and treating all the veterans that come to them for help.  Congress tells the new head of this department they have their full support and believe it is adequate because they have studied the system and believe it is adequate.

Of course this is the same thing they have told every predecessor since the department was formed which has never worked so far.

If one, in order to solve a problem, continues doing the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result is the definition of insanity.  Using that same analogy has congress operated in a sane manner.  The system we use and have used for all the years I have been alive has never helped the veterans.

Fifty years ago accountants thought they should be able to control everything by numbers.  Much of the government was already doing that, but the process spread to business.  Now we think it is the norm.  It isn’t.  Numbers are important to see how you are progressing but numbers have no problem solving ability.  If you let numbers solve the problem you will not be using all the factors for the solution.  That is a problem that will never be solve by artificial intelligence.  Someone has to have the freedom to solve the problem using human reasoning.

This country has made certain commitments that have to be supported.  If this country declares war, congress has to vote to support the war.  How much it costs to support the war doesn’t matter.  We don’t need to give anyone an open check book, but if something is necessary for the country’s protection there is no question.  The money just has to come.  Making the decision as to what is necessary for our protection is the job of people and not numbers.

When we declare war we automatically agree to support those veterans that agree to fight the war in person.  If they come home there should be a mandatory program in place for every veteran who has served in a stressful capacity to move them mentally and emotionally back to civilian life.  If they come home injured they should be taken care of immediately automatically or just by application which should have an automatic approval. If it is a bogus complaint it should be judged so by qualified VA service personnel.  It should never be up to the veteran to prove he is due care.  If it costs more money to do that, then it costs more money.  We owe the debt to the soldier.  The veteran should still have to go through the mandatory conversion to civilian life.

Part of that conversation is help from qualified individuals to take the experience of the veteran before he joined the service, and the skills he gained while in the service and put together a profile of the veteran now.  Now with the help of other professional personnel they can help the veteran gain knowledge to gain acceptable employment to fit the new profile of the veteran.

When we commit to sending men and women to war, we have to commit to the veterans coming out of that conflict.

Senator John Banner said this present problem is a very serious matter and someone needs to be held accountable.  My thought it is ultimately any congressman that failed to take care of the commitment we have to these fine veterans that should be held accountable.

This general told the president at the time war started that the war would cost a lot more than they projected, so he was retired.  This general took the job as secretary because he saw a need.  Again money is the problem.  Now many Senators and Representatives want his head.  I think the heads of Senators and Representatives to be put to use for once and create a system we can be proud of that will actually help the veterans rather than putting another band aid on a critical wound.

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