I have been away for a while, but I am still here

22 Mar

Writing about politics and religion has finally brought me to a place that supports my beliefs.  I did what I thought could never be done.  I heard a sermon that said we have a responsibility as Christians to be involved in the politics of the nation.  This was not a sermon from someone in the far right that believes that the government should have no responsibility, but a sermon from a man that believes mostly as I do.

What are those beliefs?  Well they are many, but the main ones are;

The Christian churches have given the responsibility to take care of the needy to the government

The government has taken away the rights to worship according to our beliefs as a Christian community while, at the same time, enhancing the non-believers ability to push their restrictions on us.

The government which as formed mostly by Christian believers led by the Creator, has declared that it is no longer necessary to follow His direction and grow the Christian beliefs and principles, and

Finally while the church should not rule the nation, God wants us to restrain the church from rule, and at the same time the government should take care of the worldly things while not restricting the reign of the church to guide its people on a path to our important life in heaven.

My hope and prayer is that as a group we begin to bring the Church to its true potential, and let the government begin to rule rather that fight over things that concerns the church.

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