30 Mar

Many think the people are in charge of everything that happens here in this United States of America.  Those that are paying more attention believe that  only those that vote are in charge of what happens in our government.  Those who have given up say that their vote does not count.  Yet many believe that the people who appear on the ballots are not chosen by the people, therefore we become one more step removed from the real truth.  What is then the truth?  The answer I believe is all of that.

I am very interested in the Christian point of view and what we Christians have given up to let the world outside, stay outside our realm of influence for our immediate life.  I believe as we think of our environment as Christians, we should understand what we have given up and how it has affected the community around us.  We have very intelligent young people around us today that understand that we believe in God and especially Jesus, but just can’t put that belief and the modern world together in the same basket.

Modern public television constantly tries to paint a picture of the foolishness of our faith based belief with modern techniques of research that is based solely on the information they gather.  None that I have seen start from the point of view that the bible is correct in the first place.  They can agree that the oldest parts were written at least one thousand years before Christ.  Just becasue they haven’t found the earlier writings does not mean they do not exist.  Our bible is written so well to cover the period of time before our Christ, his life and the exploits of his followers for a time.

Our news tells young women can decide whether or not to terminate the life of an unborn.  The picture of marriage has changed to a live together contract never supported by our biblical beliefs.

We are told that we should refrain from discussing political beliefs and religious beliefs because it just cause problems and doesn’t really do anything to help us understand our lives.  At the same time those who no better give our christian duty of the church to our government and keep us in the dark as to the morality of the federal government and in many times the government of the church.

Our youth watch as the ACLU, a group that is supposed to be supporting our rights, follow an agenda that constantly fights the rights of the individual Christian citizen of these United States while supporting the idea of someone that has no convictions.

There are many more ways the government both state and federal intentionally try to influence our youth to believe and live a non-Christian life so they can be more easily managed.  Why else would the very rich support candidates for local and federal offices in areas that do not directly or indirectly affect the outcome of the elections.

In some way we Christians have to band together to control the freedom of religions, but not rule the nations.  For we Christians the life is not our biggest concern personally because we know that this is only temporary.  However, our concern should become to be the welfare of our church that support the children of the present and future.

Please do not be a bystander!!!

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