31 Mar

I could give many examples of what the bible says about this or that.  In those examples I would be telling to that intellectually, the bible is for or against examples of our society.  At the same time I could give examples for or against the life styles of individuals in our society.

Anything I could or world possibly say would give you an example of what I like or dislike as it relates to the law.  In almost every case I would be against abortion.  I am pro-life.  I believe people who are homosexual have chosen a wrong path.  I believe to declare same sex unions as married degrades my marriage which is a normal marriage.  However, while just stating my beliefs, as a citizen of these United States, I believe a woman should have a choice legally because I support the constitution and the laws passed and certified by the high courts.  I believe couples should have a legal protection under the law that protects their life style as long as that life does not effect our social structure.  The word marriage does effect my life style.  The killing of a baby effects my legal conscious but is deeply distressful for my religious conscience.

How can that all be correct you ask?  The simple answer is love.  Jesus said of all the commandments, the greatest of these is love.  I can love you and hate what you do.  Our government could have defined the limits of abortion to the third day of pregnancy which is when, I understand, the organizer, magically appears and begin to organize which molecule goes where the in the construction of the human baby.  The only thing I can do about that as an individual is to pray the mother makes the correct choice.

As Christians, if we were better organized, the laws that are passed would be directed toward the beliefs that our congress men and women say they believe.  Many times I a very sure that those that say they are Christians do not understand Christianity.  I believe this because love is not their priority.  Anyone can say anything, but there are two realism.  One is that you are what you think, and you are judged by what you do and not what we say.

I believe to send a voice that will be heard as it should be that the churches should speak together.  We have people who say they speak for the church.  We know them as the far right.  It is, however, clear that they speak for the conservative based disguising themselves as the religious conscience of the nation.  I contend that their goals are political and not religious.

It is time that the churches speak out from the ground level rather than the shallow thinking quips sent out from the political far right.

When Jesus took the coin and said, “Give unto Cesar what is Cesar’s and unto God what is God’s,” I believe he was talking about more than money.

God Bless

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