ISIL the Enemy

27 Apr

I listen to the news and the pundits talk about ISIL like they are a country.  In fact ISIL is an idea that has declared war with the intent of world domination on the world.  Not just part of the world, but all of the world.

ISIL is using the power of the press to misdirect the thinking of not just the American people, but all peoples, to believe the protection needed is what protection can be afforded by their particular country.

ISIL representatives seem to have bought into the belief of God, as represented by some Muslims who basically believe world domination has been directed for them by God and has directed them to take it by force.

No book or writings that I am aware of has stated God wants to forcibly take over this world in any way.  God’s view of the hereafter has been foretold by the prophets of old.  Even if you take away the New Testament that I love, this is not God’s plan.  God does not need man to do anything.  God is Omnipotent.

If I am a weak minded young man or woman that believes the world is just no fair to me and some group comes along an says everyone else is the problem, I can be coerced into joining such a group.  No responsibility to me there I just do what I am told.

Now I am part of the cause that promises to correct all the problems of the injustice I face every day.

Think about this concept.  We are not fighting a country.  We are fighting an idea.  Any country that supports this concept is an enemy of the United States and many other countries that reject this concept.

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