Is the media a tool for the rich and powerful?

28 Apr

How the media is able to report on this subject seems to be based on the media’s opinion of the general public.  It isn’t that the general public doesn’t know. It is that they are keep off guard by the power of the media’s ability to misdirect the subject.

The media like the political pundits operate on the opinion of the public.  This is determined by the constant list of surveys being performed by the experts.  In most every survey, the questions are styled to produce a predetermined opinion.  When public discussions or public meetings are called for by a government entity or an organization working directly or indirectly for the government like the Chamber of Commerce, there is always a plan to get the public to reach a predetermined plan or conclusion.  In the media seems constantly to be a puppet for the power of the government and those that control the government.  Just a note here.  By power and those that control it, I do not mean the government electorate.  I am referring to the financial power that determines what is important to the media which protects that power.

Our constitution was written for the common man’s benefit and then shaded toward the power and money.  The first draft was discarded because it promised freedom for all.  This concept flew in the face of the power and money supporting that awesome group.  Immediately it was put down and a correction was requested. To give the blacks voting rights would have meant probably giving women the same.  All unheard of at the time.  The power knew that if women had a say in politics the common man would have been given his writes and common sense at the same time.

The mayor of Baltimore is a good example of this kind of media misconduct.  If anyone with common sense steps back and looks the event last 4/27/2015 it is obvious that she made the right decisions and in a timely manner.  Personally I believe that if there was an agreement between the two gangs mentioned, it will be determined that the gangs united to perpetrate crimes covered by inciting the law abiding protestors to unknowingly aid them in the string of thefts.  Remember if the mayor gets her way by achieving law and order, the gangs will not survive.  Do the rich and powerful care? No, they make money with things are disruptive.  The gulf between the common man and the rich and powerful is now reached its limit.

If the common man is to survive as the powerful entity which was what God planned, we have to begin to ask our own question and not depend solely on the media to dictate our thoughts.  From this point on this writer will continue to concentrate his efforts toward rebuilding what was lost over the almost 250 years of mismanagement.

Another case in point would be the way the media and subsequently the public address discrimination.  We speak now of gay marriage, casual sex, and using the Lord’s name in vain much differently than we did sixty years ago.  Sixty years ago a person could have an idea, walk into a local bank and with a little credit start up a company that could grow and increase the employment in the community.  This was freedom.

The businesses that function in the United States are licensed by the general public therefore they have to hold themselves out to the general public to buy or be serviced by their products and/or service.  However, they have a right to protect themselves from activities or customers that would cost them business or damage their property.

The lack of financial attention to create jobs for the common man by the financial power of this nation IS the main cause of the frustration of the black community in Baltimore.  Unfortunately the white community is not far behind if in fact they are behind.

If you don’t vote, you don’t care.  If you don’t care the action in Baltimore is your fault.

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