The media cut Sec Clinton short

29 Apr

I was listening to a speech given by Sec Clinton today.  She was describing a very complicated situation in our justice system that really needs addressing by our congress.  When she got to the complicated area of the address that really isn’t, but should be, understood by all, the media broke away and began talking about part of the speak that really didn’t address the solution.  It would only do lip service to the problem.

Again our media tries to keep us dumbed down to the point we don’t have the opportunity to understand the problems.  We are not all equal to the task of solving such problems but if we understand the problems the people running for congress and talk about the problems facing the nation in a way that can make us believe they can solve the problems facing us.

This is an ongoing problem that the power backing the potential candidates does not want us to understand.  However, we might not be able to solve the problems facing this nation, but we can understand the reality of the problems.   From this point of view we can elect candidates with Christian principles to address them for us.

Let’s stay alert.

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