What should the Supreme Court hear?

30 Jun

We have now heard two decisions that have proven beyond any doubt that the once that own the Supreme Court have change the constitution.  The question is what strategy did they use?  The truth is that the once the created the strategy are probably dead.

We have heard the elected officials, pundits, newspaper, radio and TV stations owned by the elite, plus the unthinking followers of such tripe buy in to statements purportedly derived from manipulated surveys that conclude the majority of American citizens, approve of same sex marriage.  The question might be asked, “Do you believe that same sex couples should have legal status?”  However the report that comes to us over the media would say that the majority of the citizens approve of same sex marriage.  The two ideas are not the same, or should they reflect the true feelings of America.

We must always understand that this country was ordained by God to be a free state.  A freedom allows people to choose or not choose to follow God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  God didn’t’ ordain that the citizens of the US should be forced to follow His teachings, therefore he guided the framers of the Constitution to say clearly that our government could not dictate how God should be worshipped for even that He should be worshipped.  Now some of the pundits have developed the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ which has been mindlessly been promoted by the media as a direct quote from the Constitution.

Controlling when and where to pray, deciding if it was legal to kill an unborn child, and re-defining marriage should never have been taken up by the Supreme Court or any court.  It is not wrong to kill which is proven by simply reading the bible.  However, it is wrong to murder.  Any decision reached by the Supreme Court that limits our belief, or practices to outwardly show our belief in God is directly prohibited by our Constitution.  If anyone in the government or media actually read the Constitution it would be clear to them what the meaning becomes to be.  Saying that leads me to also say that I cannot imagine the framers of the Constitution saying to anyone or even thinking that the government should condone, let alone support any worship except that to God is preposterous.

The original intent of the constitution is never really considered.  It is a string of decisions from previous challenges that control the thinking of these judges.  If you asked a Supreme Court Justice why they made a decision on this or that, I would suggest to you that the decision was based on a previous ruling and not the Constitution.

Right and wrong has not changed over these two hundred and twenty four years since the STATES ratified the Constitution or the Continental Congress declared to the England that “All men are CREATED EQUAL and are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights –“.  Much blood was shed over CREATED EQUAL and CREATOR.  Should the Supreme Court exist?  Absolutely, but not to make law.

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