Are we body or soul?

11 Jul

A lot has been discussed about should we be rich, poor, black, yellow, red, white, male, female.  All these things would matter if we were going to live here on earth for a period of time then simply disappear.  However this is not the case.  Our God created us to follow his word then join him in eternity.  Our soul may have all the various traits of male, female and colors, but I doubt it.  Our Lord was specific about how you live and relate to each other which is part of following His direction of how to live.

The ‘how’ we live is more important than what we live as.  If we do not chose to live as a man or a woman that is okay with God, but to turn to the same sex for sexual gratification is not okay.  Paul seemed not to be attracted to the opposite sex, but he probably choose that so he could spend all his time glorifying God.

The ethnic issue is something I have never understood.  I grew up watching white people drink form one water fountain and blacks from another.  It didn’t make sense to me then and even less sense now that we should look down on either group.  In my opinion the blacks are just as bad as or worse than the whites when prejudice is concerned.  The only difference is power.  The whites seem to have more power in the normal world, but the blacks have more power in the world they created.

If a group of people within a larger society set up a community inside that the larger society with different rules or guidelines the smaller group has then separated themselves from the larger society.  This is the case with black communities that no longer feel they have to obey the accepted community laws and rules of the government.  I have heard of communities of other ethnic groups such as Chinese, Spanish communities, and others that set their own rules and answer to no one but themselves unless they happen to be caught in the government law enforcement agency.

We live in a society controlled by laws that assumes the general population would like to live in a law abiding community.  Our laws are set to be controlled by a small group of government agencies that simply guide us when we falter.  The most flagrant violation was the Cosa Nostra.  When we review the history of this organization we can clearly see how ignoring this type of power can hurt us deeply.

What do we do? We change the way we do business.  We have to identify a group that does not want abide by the rules set up by the majority then set up a set of rules that treat them differently.  We have a faction of our far right that seems to understand the problem, but are trying to fight in the wrong way.  Internationally we are seeing a far right group of the Muslim religion that does not even claim to part of any country that wants to set rules for all people or kill them.

We must recognize that some people feel they should live outside the rules of the larger government in which they live and when they cross the lines set out by that government, they should be handled not as part of the government, but as enemies of that government.

I can must more easily deal with an illegal alien that has jumped our fence in order to make a better living for his family, that to deal with a US citizen that has declared that he is no longer allegiant to the laws of the United States.  That person is now my enemy.

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