Answer to, Do I trust Iran

15 Jul

I took some flack over my last post concerning the Iran agreement.  That is perfectly okay.  I was told that I did not know these people and was called naïve by someone who had lived there.  I don’t have a lot of experience, but I have interacted with people form the Middle East for 30 years.  I know that when they say yes that they may be saying ‘this is a good concept’, ‘I heard you say this’, or ‘yes I might consider this point’.  I understand all these ideas, but I do know that if you ignore a situation with the idea that it will eventually fix itself, this is naïve and stupid.

Without this agreement Russia and China would probably pull out of the agreement and use Iran to help them to their own end.  The UN has spoken.  Any nation can’t just go forward in making bombs and supplying armament to rough nations.  There has to be some sanity in this world.

Lindsey Gram said yesterday that this is the worst agreement in the history of the United States.  Others have said stupid things by making judgements about serious talks and documents of which they were not a part.  Just think about Iran doing what they want to do while hiding behind Russia and China.  This type of thinking is the reason we are in the mess we are in today.

Supposedly we have sent the best and the brightest to our universities and educated them to run our political system.  They are supposed to be loyal to ‘We the People’, but instead they are first loyal to themselves and then to the power with which they subscribe.  With the exception of a very few the self-greed and that power rules this world.  The degree of hopelessness and helplessness in these United States is not based on the amount of money one has in their pocket.  The hopelessness and helplessness is based on the fear of the populous knowing there are problems out there with no one interested in solving.

When I speak I am always speaking from the standpoint of what I believe to be Christian beliefs and the fact that God guided our forefathers to create the basis of a Christian society that accepts and promotes, through the Constitution, choice to the populous as to how to worship Him.  The ,Him, I am referring to is Jesus the Christ who lived prophesied to the point of giving his life for our sins, while never raising his hand to anyone that didn’t follow Him.  Now we have made an agreement with the followers of Mohammed.  This two was a man who claimed to have had a vision that resulted in him and his followers to take a city by force about fourteen hundred years ago.  He also claimed to have ascended into heaven with instructions totally different than that of Jesus the Christ.  His followers say death to the Jews and Christians.  If you are not with them, you must be against them.

None of this is of God.  I used to think that Mohammad probably had a vision, but it was to unite the children of Abraham.  Now I think he must have been dealing with the devil and has led billions of people astray.  I they really would like to follow the prophets they should simply read what they say.  Certainly in Isaiah 53 he was not describing the death and resurrection of Mohammad.

The aforementioned comment was aimed at me to ask if I trust Iran.  Of course I do not.  However if we can somehow control the villains until Christ comes so we may be able to save all those souls, let’s do it.

We cannot solve today’s problems with archaic thinking.  We must identify the problems presented to us and then face them as they are and not what we want them to be.

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